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Inflation with a constant rate of roll
We consider an inflationary scenario where the rate of inflaton roll defined by $\ddot\phi/H\dot \phi$ remains constant. The rate of roll is small for slow-roll inflation, while a generic rate of
Primordial black holes and slow-roll violation
For primordial black holes (PBH) to be the dark matter in single-field inflation, the slow-roll approximation must be violated by at least $\mathcal{O}(1)$ in order to enhance the curvature power
Exact black hole solutions in shift-symmetric quadratic degenerate higher-order scalar-tensor theories
We find various exact black hole solutions in the shift-symmetric subclass of the quadratic degenerate higher-order scalar-tensor (DHOST) theories with linearly time dependent scalar field whose
Constant-roll inflation: Confrontation with recent observational data
The previously proposed class of phenomenological inflationary models in which the assumption of inflaton slow-roll is replaced by the more general, constant-roll condition is compared with the most
Linear stability analysis of hairy black holes in quadratic degenerate higher-order scalar-tensor theories: Odd-parity perturbations
We study static spherically symmetric black hole solutions with a linearly time-dependent scalar field and discuss their linear stability in the shift- and reflection-symmetric subclass of quadratic
Ultra Slow-Roll Inflation and the non-Gaussianity Consistency Relation
It is demonstrated that the power spectrum remains scale-invariant and that the bi-spectrum is of the local type with fnl=5(3-ns)/4 which represents a modification of the consistency relation.
f(R) constant-roll inflation
The previously introduced class of two-parametric phenomenological inflationary models in general relativity in which the slow-roll assumption is replaced by the more general, constant-roll condition
Stealth Schwarzschild solution in shift symmetry breaking theories
We find stealth Schwarzschild solutions with a nontrivial profile of the scalar field regular on the horizon in the Einstein gravity coupled to the scalar field with the k-essence and/or generalized
Generalized Slow Roll in the Unified Effective Field Theory of Inflation
We provide a compact and unified treatment of power spectrum observables for the effective field theory (EFT) of inflation with the complete set of operators that lead to second-order equations of
On rotating black holes in DHOST theories
Using the disformal solution-generating method, we construct new axisymmetric solutions in Degenerate Higher Order Scalar Tensor (DHOST) theories. The method consists in first considering a "seed"