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Association between the DRD2 A1 allele and opium addiction in the Iranian population
Dysfunction of the central dopaminergic neurotransmission has been suggested to play an important role in the etiology of certain neuropsychiatric disorders such as drug abuse. It has been shown thatExpand
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Comparison of 3-day and 7-day ciprofloxacin regimen for the treatment of uncomplicated urinary tract infection in women: a randomized double-blind clinical trial.
Background : Urinary tract infections (UTIs) are among the most commonly bacterial infections in clinical practice. Almost half of all women experience at least one urinary tract infection in theirExpand
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Cycloartanes from Euphorbia aellenii Rech. f. and their Antiproliferative Activity
The cytotoxic chloroform fraction of Euphorbia aellenii afforded two cycloartane type triterpenes-cycloart-25-en-3β,24-diol (1) and 24-methylene-cycloartan-3β-ol (2)-for the first time from thisExpand
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Transition metal-free and base-mediated transformation arylation of unactivated benzene with aryl halides in presence of N,N′-bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine as organocatalyst
Abstract Direct transition metal-free arylation of benzene has been achieved using a combination of various aryl halides and N,N′-bis(salicylidene)ethylenediamine as a new ligand and catalyst. ThisExpand
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Synthesis of recoverable palladium composite as an efficient catalyst for the reduction of nitroarene compounds and Suzuki cross-coupling reactions using sepiolite clay and magnetic nanoparticles
Abstract Clays are nontoxic, inexpensive, abundant, and have great potential as catalytic carriers because of their special structure, surface, and suitability for supporting transition metals. InExpand
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Three-component reaction for an efficient synthesis of 5-hydroxy-1-phenyl-1H-pyrazoles containing a stable phosphorus ylide moiety
GRAPHICAL ABSTRACT ABSTRACT A concise synthesis of new polysubstituted pyrazoles containing a phosphorane is achieved from readily available organic compounds. This C–H bond functionalization is anExpand
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Bentonite clay as an efficient substrate for the synthesis of the super stable and recoverable magnetic nanocomposite of palladium (Fe3O4/Bentonite-Pd)
Abstract Bentonite has a potential for the catalytic carrier because their surface and special structure are very suitable for supporting transition metals. This clay as a nontoxic, inexpensive,Expand
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Synthesis of 1H-1,3-benzimidazoles, benzothiazoles and 3H-imidazo[4,5-c]pyridine using DMF in the presence of HMDS as a reagent under the transition-metal-free condition
An operationally simple method for synthesis of benzimidazole and 3H-imidazo[4,5-c]pyridine from o-phenylenediamine or pyridine-3, 4-diamine and N,N-dimethylformamide (DMF) in the presence ofExpand
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