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Dr. August Weismann on the Importance of Sexual Reproduction for the theory of Selection
IN NATURE, vol. xxxiii. p. 154, was given an article on Prof. Weismann's most interesting and important memoir on “The Continuity of the Germ-Plasma considered as the Basis of a Theory of Heredity.”Expand
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Atomic Models and X-Ray Spectra
DR. F. A. LINDEMANN (NATURE, January 1) disagrees with the theoretical interpretation of my recent work on X-ray spectra (Phil. Mag., December, 1913). He objects to my statement that the results soExpand
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Dr. Bessels' Account of the “Polaris” Expedition
D. EMIL BESSELS, as most of our readers will remember, was the chief of the scientific department on board the ill-fated Polaris, which was sent on her memorable North Pole Expedition by the UnitedExpand
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Count Pourtales
Abstract“IN the death of Louis François de Pourtales science has met a heavy loss. He was the Swiss representative of an old family, which had branches also in France, Prussia, and Bohemia. TrainedExpand
Swiss Châlets
IDENTICAL suggestions to those of Mr. George Henslow with regard to the connection in descent of modern Swiss châlets with ancient pile lake-dwellings will be found expressed in Dr. J. J. Wild's “AtExpand
Easter Island
As the reviewer of Australasia in NATURE, vol. xx. p. 598, I must ask space for a few further words with regard to Rapanui. Mr. Albert J. Mott draws conclusions with regard to the ancient navigationExpand