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Impact of Cloud Microphysics on the Development of Trailing Stratiform Precipitation in a Simulated Squall Line: Comparison of One- and Two-Moment Schemes
A new two-moment cloud microphysics scheme predicting the mixing ratios and number concentrations of five species (i.e., cloud droplets, cloud ice, snow, rain, and graupel) has been implemented intoExpand
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A New Double-Moment Microphysics Parameterization for Application in Cloud and Climate Models. Part I: Description
A new double-moment bulk microphysics scheme predicting the number concentrations and mixing ratios of four hydrometeor species (droplets, cloud ice, rain, snow) is described. New physically basedExpand
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A new two-moment bulk stratiform cloud microphysics scheme in the Community Atmosphere Model, version 3 (CAM3). Part I: Description and numerical tests
A new two-moment stratiform cloud microphysics scheme in a general circulation model is described. Prognostic variables include cloud droplet and cloud ice mass mixing ratios and numberExpand
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Resilience of persistent Arctic mixed-phase clouds
Mixed-phase clouds, comprising both ice and supercooled liquid water, have a large impact on radiative fluxes in the Arctic. Interactions between numerous local feedbacks sustain these complex cloudExpand
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Toward a Minimal Representation of Aerosols in Climate Models: Description and Evaluation in the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5
A modal aerosol module (MAM) has been developed for the Community Atmosphere Model version 5 (CAM5), the atmospheric component of the Community Earth System Model version 1 (CESM1). Expand
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Sensitivity of a Simulated Squall Line to Horizontal Resolution and Parameterization of Microphysics
Idealizedsimulations ofthe 15May2009 squalllinefromthe SecondVerification ofthe OriginsofRotation in Tornadoes Experiment (VORTEX2) are evaluated in this study. Four different microphysical setupsExpand
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The Microphysics of Ice and Precipitation Development in Tropical Cumulus Clouds
AbstractThe rapid glaciation of tropical cumulus clouds has been an enigma and has been debated in the literature for over 60 years. Possible mechanisms responsible for the rapid freezing have beenExpand
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Parameterization of Cloud Microphysics Based on the Prediction of Bulk Ice Particle Properties. Part I: Scheme Description and Idealized Tests
A method for the parameterization of ice-phase microphysics is proposed and used to develop a new bulk microphysics scheme. All ice-phase particles are represented by several physical properties thatExpand
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Advanced two-moment bulk microphysics for global models. Part I: off-line tests and comparison with other schemes.
Prognostic precipitation is added to a cloud microphysical scheme for global climate models. Results indicate very similar performance to other commonly used mesoscale schemes in an offline driverExpand
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A New Two-Moment Bulk Stratiform Cloud Microphysics Scheme in the Community Atmosphere Model, Version 3 (CAM3). Part II: Single-Column and Global Results
The global performance of a new two-moment cloud microphysics scheme for a general circulation model (GCM) is presented and evaluated relative to observations. The scheme produces reasonableExpand
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