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Energy metabolism of tumor cells. Requirement for a form of hexokinase with a propensity for mitochondrial binding.
Rat liver cytoplasm (postnuclear supernatant) has a low aerobic glycolytic rate in the presence of added glucose, ATP, ADP, Pi, and NAD+, whereas cytoplasm from Ehrlich ascites tumor cells exhibit aExpand
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Isozyme patterns of glycogen phosphorylase in rat tissues and transplantable hepatomas.
Isozyme patterns of glycogen phosphorylase in the Morris and Yoshida hepatomas were compared electrophoretically and immunochemically with those in rat tissues during development. A 3rd phosphorylaseExpand
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Studies on the development, biochemistry, and biology of experimental hepatomas.
  • H. Morris
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  • Advances in cancer research
  • 1965
Publisher Summary The chapter focuses on biological and biochemical characteristics of a spectrum of transplantable hepatomas developed in the laboratories. This spectrum of transplantable hepatomasExpand
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Partial purification, properties and regulation of inosine 5'phosphate dehydrogenase in normal and malignant rat tissues.
IMP dehydrogenase (EC was purified 180-fold from rat liver and from the transplantable rat hepatoma 3924A. The enzymes from the two sources were apparently identical; they exhibitedExpand
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Glutaminase activities and growth rates of rat hepatomas.
For a series of transplantable rat hepatomas, the growth rate, as well as the type and quantity of glutaminase activity, was determined. The times for volume doubling of the hepatomas ranged from 3Expand
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Ribonucleotide reductase and cell proliferation. I. Variations of ribonucleotide reductase activity with tumor growth rate in a series of rat hepatomas.
Abstract The relationship between ribonucleotide reductase and tumor growth rate was measured in a series of rat hepatomas of different growth rates. An excellent correlation was found between tumorExpand
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Superoxide dismutase and superoxide radical in Morris hepatomas.
Total superoxide dismutase (SOD) and manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn SOD) specific activities were measured in tissue homogenates and in isolated mitochondria from normal rat liver and threeExpand
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Metabolism of hepatomas of different growth rates in situ and during ischemia.
In freeze-clamped rat liver and in hepatomas 9618-A and 5123-D (slower-growing) and 3924-A (rapidly growing), the initial concentrations and time course of changes during ischemia of adenineExpand
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A mathematical evaluation of tumour growth curves in rapid, intermediate and slow growing rat hepatomata.
A mathematical evaluation of tumour growth curves in rapid, intermediate and slow growing rat hepatomata
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