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Structural analysis of Si-containing diamond-like carbon
Abstract We have investigated the structures of silicon-containing diamond-like carbon (DLC-Si) films with various silicon contents. The DLC-Si films were deposited on steel substrates at 773 K byExpand
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3-D finite element analysis of electrodynamic repulsion forces in stationary electric contacts taking into account asymmetric shape
The quantitative characteristics of stationary electric contacts in electrical apparatus have been given by means of some calculations, based on an artificial model of the current flow lines whichExpand
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An artificial neural-net based method for predicting power system voltage harmonics
A novel method for predicting power system voltage harmonics with an artificial neural network is presented. Expand
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Characterization of Water Confined between Silica Surfaces Using the Resonance Shear Measurement
We performed the resonance shear measurement (RSM) for evaluating the properties of water confined between silica surfaces with and without water vapor plasma treatment, which was used to increaseExpand
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Spectroscopic ellipsometry of silicon‐containing diamond‐like carbon (DLC‐Si) films
To clarify optical properties of DLC-Si film, we have studied the change in optical constants of the DLC-Si films as a function of the Si content using spectroscopic ellipsometry. Using the 4 layeredExpand
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3-D finite element analysis of repulsion forces on contact systems in low voltage circuit breakers
Low voltage circuit breakers which interrupt fault currents rapidly are widely used in power distribution systems. It is necessary, for the optimum design of circuit breakers, to analyzeExpand
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Solid-solution copper alloys with high strength and high electrical conductivity
Solid-solution copper alloys are standard and widely used conductive materials. However, it is generally considered difficult to significantly improve the balance between the strength and electricalExpand
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Full intermetallic joints for chip stacking by using thermal gradient bonding
Abstract Solid-liquid interdiffusion bonding is a promising process for three dimensional chip stacking, but nevertheless is plagued with low throughput. A new solid-liquid interdiffusion bondingExpand
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Novel ringing suppression circuit to achieve higher data rates in a linear passive star CAN FD
As the number of electronic control units (ECUs) in an automobile steadily increases, the demand for achieving higher data rates and connecting even more ECUs to the Controller Area Network (CAN)Expand
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Estimation for S-parameters of a differential communication transceiver IC applying an indirect measurement method
A method to estimate the multiport S-parameters of an IC device mounted on a PCB with some of its ports not directly measured. Expand
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