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A New Arctic Hadrosaurid from the Prince Creek Formation (Lower Maastrichtian) of Northern Alaska
The Liscomb bonebed in the Price Creek Formation of northern Alaska has produced thousands of individual bones of a saurolophine hadrosaurid similar to Edmontosaurus; however, the specific identityExpand
The geomorphic history of the Ainoura plain, Kyushu, Japan, based on excavation of the Monzen ruins
The complex coastline of north-western Kyushu, Japan, consisting of cliffs, steep-sided inlets and archipelagos, has resulted from subsidence in mountainous terrain; the region’s populated riverExpand
Early Plotopteridae Specimens (Aves) from the Itanoura and Kakinoura Formations (Latest Eocene to Early Oligocene), Saikai, Nagasaki Prefecture, Western Japan
Abstract. Plotopterids, commonly known as “penguin-like birds”, are wing-propelled diving birds known from the latest Eocene to middle Miocene in the eastern and western Pacific Rim. Here, weExpand
Preservation of Arctic Dinosaur Remains from the Prince Creek Formation (Alaska, USA): A Reply to Fiorillo (2016)
We thank Anthony Fiorillo (2016) for the concerns he raised regarding our characterizations of the Liscomb bonebed fossils in our paper describing Ugrunaaluk kuukpikenis from the Prince CreekExpand
Enigmatic Humerus of an Archaic Oligocene—Miocene Neocete from Miyazaki Prefecture, Kyushu, Japan
Abstract. The late Palaeogene represents a crucial time in cetacean evolution that witnessed the origin of modern baleen and toothed whales (Neoceti) from their “archaeocete” ancestors. So far, thisExpand