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Maximizing the Reliability of Genomic Selection by Optimizing the Calibration Set of Reference Individuals: Comparison of Methods in Two Diverse Groups of Maize Inbreds (Zea mays L.)
Genomic selection refers to the use of genotypic information for predicting breeding values of selection candidates. A prediction formula is calibrated with the genotypes and phenotypes of referenceExpand
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Multivariate sensitivity analysis to measure global contribution of input factors in dynamic models
This paper focuses on the particular case when principal components analysis is combined with analysis of variance. Expand
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A catalogue of efficient neighbour-designs with border plots
We consider designs in linear blocks with border plots, in which a treatment may affect the response on the two adjacent plots. Three series of designs are given: (i) neighbour-balanced designs inExpand
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PrBn, a major gene controlling homeologous pairing in oilseed rape (Brassica napus) haploids.
Precise control of chromosome pairing is vital for conferring meiotic, and hence reproductive, stability in sexually reproducing polyploids. Apart from the Ph1 locus of wheat that suppressesExpand
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Homeologous Recombination Plays a Major Role in Chromosome Rearrangements That Occur During Meiosis of Brassica napus Haploids
Chromosomal rearrangements can be triggered by recombination between distinct but related regions. Brassica napus (AACC; 2n = 38) is a recent allopolyploid species whose progenitor genomes are widelyExpand
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Recovering Power in Association Mapping Panels with Variable Levels of Linkage Disequilibrium
Association mapping has permitted the discovery of major QTL in many species. It can be applied to existing populations and, as a consequence, it is generally necessary to take into account structureExpand
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Combined use of local and ANOVA-based global sensitivity analyses for the investigation of a stochastic dynamic model: Application to the case study of an individual-based model of a fish population
Abstract Global methods based on variance decomposition are increasingly being used for sensitivity analysis (SA). Of these, analysis of variance (ANOVA) is surprisingly rarely employed. Yet, it is aExpand
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Genetic Regulation of Meiotic Cross-Overs between Related Genomes in Brassica napus Haploids and Hybrids[C][W]
Although the genetic regulation of recombination in allopolyploid species plays a pivotal role in evolution and plant breeding, it has received little recent attention, except in wheat (TriticumExpand
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A new method to analyse relationships between yield components with boundary lines
Crop yield can be decreased by many limiting factors such as water stress, nitrogen stress and disease. The agronomic diagnosis method was developed by agronomists to understand the origin of cropExpand
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