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Planthopper (Hemiptera: Flatidae) Parasitized by Larval Erythraeid Mite (Trombidiformes: Erythraeidae)—A Description of Two New Species From Western Madagascar
ABSTRACT. Descriptions of Dambullaeus adonis Mąkol et Moniuszko sp. nov. (Trombidiformes: Erythraeidae, Callidosomatinae) and Latois nigrolineata Świerczewski et Stroiński sp. nov. (Hemiptera:Expand
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Chigger mites (Actinotrichida: Parasitengona, Trombiculidae) of Poland. An updated distribution and hosts.
The existing body of knowledge regarding the Trombiculidae of Poland is summarized and supplemented with the results of our recent studies. Although around 3000 nominal species are known worldwide,Expand
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Host-associated differences in morphometric traits of parasitic larvae Hirsutiella zachvatkini (Actinotrichida: Trombiculidae)
Examination of host-associated variation in the chigger mite Hirsutiella zachvatkini (Schluger) revealed morphological differences among larvae infesting sympatric hosts: Apodemus agrarius, ApodemusExpand
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Host-parasite association in trombiculid mites (Actinotrichida: Trombiculidae) of temperate zone - the case of Hirsutiella zachvatkini (Schluger, 1948); are we dealing with prolonged contact with the
BackgroundThe time-extended contact of trombiculid larvae with hosts poses a question of its ecological determinants. The phenomenon, which may facilitate the overwintering of larvae in the temperateExpand
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Evidence for co-invasion events: different chigger species (Actinotrichida, Trombidioidea: trombiculidae) share a host
Cases of co-invasion of various chigger species parasitizing murids and cricetids in various habitats were analysed using morphological and molecular approaches. Here we provide evidence for 25 newExpand
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Redescription of Leptus kattikus Haitlinger, 2009 (Actinotrichida, Parasitengona, Erythraeidae) and molecular identification of its host from DNA barcoding
A morphology-based redescription of Leptus kattikus Haitlinger, 2009, including re-examination of the holotype and supplemented with data of a series of specimens collected in Vietnam, is provided.Expand
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Description of Active Post-Larval Forms of Neotrombicula vulgaris (Schluger, 1955) (Prostigmata: Trombiculidae), with Notes on Biology and Ecology of the Species
Abstract. The first description of adult and deutonymph of Neotrombicula vulgaris, experimentally reared from larvae collected in Poland from Apodemus agrarius and Myodes glareolus, is complementedExpand
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Host-Parasite Associations between Bats (Mammalia: Chiroptera) and Chiggers (Trombidiformes: Trombiculidae) — A Review and Checklist
Abstract. The host-parasite associations between bats and chiggers are re-traced; the checklist of reported pair-wise combinations contains records originating from all zoogeographical regions. TheExpand
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