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Metachronal wave of artificial cilia array actuated by applied magnetic field
In this paper, a biomimetic microstructure related to cilia, which are effective fluidic and conveying systems in nature, is described. Authors have already reported that a magnetic elastomer pillarExpand
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Fabrication of Ti-6Al-7Nb Alloys by Metal Injection Molding
The metal injection molding process was applied to produce Ti-6Al-7Nb alloys using 3 types of mixed powders. The first is a mixture of Ti and Al-Nb pre-alloyed powders, the second is a mixture of Ti,Expand
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Evaluation and Analysis of Distortion of Complex Shaped Ti-6Al-4V Compacts by Metal Injection Molding Process
Titanium and its alloys have been widely used for medical and aerospace applications because of their excellent attributes of high specific strength, corrosion resistance, and biocompatibility.Expand
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Application of metal injection moulding to soft magnetic materials
Abstract Powder metallurgy is an effective way to produce the complex shaped soft magnetic materials, and also to decrease the eddy current loss in high frequency by subdividing the eddy current areaExpand
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Improvement of the Contact Fatigue Strength by Rolling of Sintered Ferrous Alloy Roller-1st Report-
Due to the continual improvements of powder metallurgy techniques, it is possible for sintered materials to compete the wrought materials even in some of the most demanding applications. However,Expand
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Joining of Stainless Steels (SUS316L) and Hard Materials by Insert Injection Molding
Generally, metal injection molding (MIM) process has been utilized for mass production of complicated and near net shape parts using single material. If plural materials are joined in MIM process,Expand
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MIM In-process Joining of Thin and Hollow Parts
SYNOPSIS MIM process is hoped to be an advanced powder processing technique for near net shape forming the high density, high performance, and complicated parts. However, there still remains theExpand
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Magnetic Micro Actuator Using Interactive Force between Magnetic Elements
In micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) field, there have been used many kinds of actuators. Among them, the magnetic actuator has some advantages. As magnetic micro actuators do not need electricExpand
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Fabrication of High Strength .ALPHA.+.BETA. Type Titanium Alloy Compacts by Metal Injection Molding
In the previous papers, the sintered Ti-6Al-2Sn-4Zr-2Mo alloy compacts showed higher tensile strength than the Ti-6Al-4V alloy compacts, and the strengthening of Ti-6Al-4V alloy compacts wereExpand
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Effect of Fe or Cr Addition on the Strengthening Ti-6Al-4V Alloy by Metal Injection Molding
It has been found that the strengthening of sintered Ti-6Al-4V alloy compacts were available by addition of fine Mo powder, because of microstructural modification on the sintered compacts. In thisExpand
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