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Hydroxycinnamic acid esters of phenethylalcohol glycosides from Rehmannia glutinosa var. Purpurea
Abstract Five new hydroxycinnamic acid esters of phenethylalcohol glycosides named jionosides C, D, E, A2 and B2, together with nine known compounds, have been isolated from roots of RehmanniaExpand
Nine phenethyl alcohol glycosides from Stachys sieboldii.
Three new phenethyl alcohol glycosides together with six known compounds have been isolated from the leaves of Stachys sieboldii. On the basis of chemical and spectral analyses, the structures ofExpand
Studies on the constituents of asclepiadaceae plants. LVIII. The structures of five glycosides, cynatratoside-A, -B, -C, -D, and -E, from the Chinese drug "pai-wei," Cynanchum atratum Bunge.
The chemical components of the Chinese crude drug "Pai-Wei, " dried root of Cynanchum atratum BUNGE (Asclepiadaceae), have been studied. Five new oligoglycosides named cynatratoside-A (3), -B (4), -CExpand
Dulcosides A and B, new diterpene glycosides from Stevia rebaudiana
Abstract New diterpene glycosides, dulcosides A and B were isolated from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni and their structures were established as 19- O -β-glu
Four New Phenolic Glycosides from Polygala tenuifolia
Four new phenolic glycosides, tenuifolisides A (1), B (2), C (3), and D (4) together with a known phenolic glyciside, β-D-(3-O-sinapoyl)-fructofuranosyl-α-D-(6-O-sinapoyl)-glucopyranoside (5) wereExpand
A phthalide and 2-farnesyl-6-methyl benzoquinone from Ligusticum chuangxiong
Abstract A new phthalide, senkyunolide Q, and 2-farnesyl-6-methyl benzoquinone, senkyunone, along with senkyunolide M, 2-methoxy-4-(3-methoxy-1-propenyl)-phenol and 2-(1-oxo-pentyl)-benzoic acidExpand
Origin of nitrogen in the biosynthesis of solanidine by Veratrum grandiflorum
Abstract Veratrum plants accumulate verazine as the major alkaloid in the rhizome during the dormant stage 4 months after cold treatment. The quantitative c
Three phenyldihydronaphthalene lignanamides from fruits of Cannabis sativa
Abstract Three new lignanamides, named cannabisin B, C and D, were isolated from the fruits of Cannabis sativa. Their structures have been elucidated based on spectral and chemical evidence.
Polyacetylenes from the roots of Panax ginseng
Abstract Five new polyacetylenes named ginsenoynes A, B, C, D and E were isolated from the hexane extract of the root of Panax ginseng . These structures were determined by spectral and chemicalExpand
Two iridoid glycosides from Rehmannia glutinosa
Two new iridoid glycosides named jioglutosides A and B, together with 11 known iridoid glycosides, have been isolated from the fresh roots of Rehmannia glutinosa var. hueichingensis. On the basis ofExpand