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Constraints on nuclear matter parameters of an effective chiral model
Within an effective nonlinear chiral model, we evaluate nuclear matter parameters exploiting the uncertainties in the nuclear saturation properties. The model is sternly constrained with minimal free
Estimating transport coefficients in hot and dense quark matter
We compute the transport coefficients, namely, the coefficients of shear and bulk viscosity as well as thermal conductivity for hot and dense quark matter. The calculations are performed within the
Heavy quarkonium moving in hot and dense deconfined nuclear matter
We study the behavior of the complex potential between a heavy quark and its antiquark, which are in relative motion with respect to a hot and dense medium. The heavy quark-antiquark complex
CPviolation and chiral symmetry breaking in hot and dense quark matter in the presence of a magnetic field
We investigate chiral symmetry breaking and strong CP violation effects on the phase diagram of strongly interacting matter in presence of a constant magnetic field. The effect of magnetic field and
Hot Nuclear Matter : A Variational Approach
We develop a nonperturbative technique in field theory to study properties of infinite nuclear matter at zero temperature as well as at finite temperatures. Here we dress the nuclear matter with
Dissipative properties of hot and dense hadronic matter in an excluded-volume hadron resonance gas model
We estimate dissipative properties viz: shear and bulk viscosities of hadronic matter using relativistic Boltzmann equation in relaxation time approximation within ambit of excluded volume hadron
Heavy quark complex potential in a strongly magnetized hot QGP medium
We study the effect of strong constant magnetic field, generated in relativistic heavy ion collisions, on the heavy quark complex potential. We work in the strong magnetic field limit with lowest