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Numerical Modelling of the Destructive Meteotsunami of 15 June, 2006 on the Coast of the Balearic Islands
A destructive tsunami-like event (locally known as “rissaga” waves) occurring on 15 June, 2006 in Ciutadella Harbour (Menorca, Balearic Islands) is reproduced by a numerical model forced by aExpand
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The bivalve Glycymeris pilosa as a multidecadal environmental archive for the Adriatic and Mediterranean Seas.
We evaluated the potential of Glycymeris pilosa as an environmental indicator for the Mediterranean region by applying sclerochronological techniques on a sample set collected from Pašman Channel inExpand
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Diurnal thermocline oscillations driven by tidal flow around an island in the Middle Adriatic
Oceanographic data collected between February and September 2006 have been examined in order to detect and interpret different physical processes in the Adriatic shelf break area. One of the mainExpand
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Diurnal Sea Breezes Force Near-Inertial Waves along Rottnest Continental Shelf, Southwestern Australia
AbstractObservations of upper-ocean dynamics close to the critical latitude (ratio of the local inertial to diurnal frequency is 0.94) from a range of platforms (surface currents using HF radar,Expand
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Phytoplankton distribution across the southeast Adriatic continental and shelf slope to the west of Albania (spring aspect)
We present the first insight to the oceanography of the southeastern Adriatic Sea, where coastal water influenced by Albanian rivers comes into contact with the inflowing oligotrophic EasternExpand
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Exceptional dense water formation on the Adriatic shelf in the winter of 2012
Abstract. In this paper we document dense water formation throughout the Adriatic shelf and coastal area in January/February 2012, resulting in record-breaking densities observed during and after theExpand
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Mapping of decadal middle Adriatic oceanographic variability and its relation to the BiOS regime
We analyzed long-term time series of temperature, salinity, and dissolved oxygen (DO) concentrations collected along the Palagruža Sill transect (middle Adriatic) between 1952 and 2010. The data haveExpand
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Mapping underwater sound noise and assessing its sources by using a self-organizing maps method.
This study aims to provide an objective mapping of the underwater noise and its sources over an Adriatic coastal marine habitat by applying the self-organizing maps (SOM) method. Systematic samplingExpand
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The Mediterranean deep-water kelp Laminaria rodriguezii is an endangered species in the Adriatic Sea
Deep-water kelps are little-known large brown algae occurring close to the lower limit of photosynthetic life in the sea. This study compares historical and recent records of the deep-waterExpand
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Paleo-coastline of the Central Eastern Adriatic Sea, and Paleo-Channels of the Cetina and Neretva rivers during the last glacial maximum
The paper documents the use of a Digital Elevation Model (DEM) method to reconstruct paleochannels and the paleo-coastline during the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) in the Central Eastern Adriatic area.Expand
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