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Determination of the average coefficient of internal moisture transfer during the drying of a thin bed of potato slices
Abstract During the drying of farm-produced foodstuffs, the Combes transfer pattern implies two transfers in series: external mass transfer and internal mass transfer. Water vapour transfer withinExpand
Relativistic laser nano-plasmonics for effective fast particle production
We have studied particle acceleration in different nanostructured targets irradiated by high intensity laser pulses of high contrast. We find that the maximum energy of emitted particles and theirExpand
Highly periodic laser-induced nanostructures on thin Ti and Cu foils for potential application in laser ion acceleration
The feasibility of femtosecond laser-induced periodic nanostructures on thin Ti and Cu foils (thickness down to 1 μm) is demonstrated. At pulse durations of 120 fs and a wavelength of 400 nm, periodsExpand
Photochemical activity of TiO2 nanotubes
TiO2 is well known as a low-cost, highly active photocatalyst showing good environmental compatibility. Recently it was found that TiO2 nanotubes promise to enable for high photocatalytic activityExpand
Multiphoton excitation of surface plasmon-polaritons and scaling of nanoripple formation in large bandgap materials
We report studies of multiphoton mechanisms of plasmon excitation and their influence on the femtosecond-laser induced sub-wavelength ripple generation in large-bandgap dielectric and semiconductingExpand
Femtosecond-Laser Induced Periodic Surface Structures for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy of Biomolecules
Nanostructured metal surfaces can be used as high-efficiency substrates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS). For this purpose, laser induced periodic surface structures (LIPSS) wereExpand
Experimental study of thermal performance improvement of a solar air flat plate collector through the use of obstacles: application for the drying of ‘yellow onion’
In the solar air flat plate collector, the insufficiency of the thermal exchange between the fluid and the absorber obliges the user to enhance their optimization. This low thermal exchange does notExpand
Numerical and experimental study of dryer in forced convection
A numerical simulation model is developed to predict the forced convection performance of a dryer. This model takes into account the shrinkage phenomenon of the products during the drying process.Expand
Distortion-free laser beam shaping for material processing using a digital micromirror device
A novel setup for DMD-based laser material processing that enables the irradiation under large angles, the reduction of optical elements as well as machine size, and an angle-dependent correction and high shape accuracy of the image projection is presented. Expand
Compact Module for Maskless and Simultaneous 2D Laser Chemical Machining
In the course of miniaturisation the demand of novel manufacturing methods and tailored machine tools is ever-increasing. For manufacturing metallic micro-components the laser chemical machiningExpand