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Solving Non-linear Fredholm Integro-differential Equations
In this paper, Semi-orthogonal (SO) B-spline scaling functions and wavelets and their dual functions are presented to approximate the solutions of linear and non-linear second order FredholmExpand
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A new trust region method for solving least-square transformation of system of equalities and inequalities
In this paper, a new nonmonotone trust region method with adaptive radius is proposed for solving system of equalities and inequalities. This method combines a new nonmonotone technique with a newExpand
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Convergence analysis of the space fractional-order diffusion equation based on the compact finite difference scheme
This paper develops a numerical method for approximating the space fractional diffusion equation in Caputo derivative sense. In this discretization process, firstly, the compact finite differenceExpand
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Numerical method for a nonlinear boundary integral equation
Abstract We study a boundary integral equation method for solving Laplace’s equation Δu  = 0 with nonlinear boundary conditions. This nonlinear boundary value problem is reformulated as a nonlinearExpand
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Aitken extrapolation and epsilon algorithm for an accelerated solution of weakly singular nonlinear Volterra integral equations
In this paper, we apply Aitken extrapolation and epsilon algorithm as acceleration technique for the solution of a weakly singular nonlinear Volterra integral equation of the second kind. In thisExpand
Numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of first kind by two-dimensional trigonometric wavelets in holder space Cα([a, b])
In this article, we employ trigonometric wavelet bases to numerical solution of Fredholm integral equations of first kind in Holder space. Employment of Galerkin method for trigonometric wavelets inExpand
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Investigation of flow parameters of a non-linearly stretching sheet by shooting technique
Shooting method has been applied to investigating different parameters of a 2D viscous flow which is electrically conducting over a non-linear as well as a semi-infinite stretching sheet. In thisExpand
New methods for solving of nonlinear weakly singular integral equations
Purpose – Aims to present a boundary integral equation method for solving Laplace's equation Δu=0 with nonlinear boundary conditions.Design/methodology/approach – The nonlinear boundary value problemExpand
Inverse eigenvalue problem of interval nonnegative matrices of order $le 3$
In this paper for a given set of real or complex interval numbers $sigma$  satisfying  special conditions,  we find an interval nonnegative matrix  $C$ such that for each point set $delta$  of givenExpand