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Infrared to visible up-conversion study for erbium-doped zinc tellurite glasses
Optical absorption and photoluminescence properties of Er3+-doped 70TeO2-30ZnO glass are investigated. Judd-Ofelt intensity parameters of Er3+ have been determined to calculate the radiativeExpand
Electronic and transport properties of AlInN/AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors
Abstract The present work is dedicated to simulate the band edges of AlInN/AlN/GaN high electron mobility transistors. In a second step, we have developed a model for the electron mobility by takingExpand
Refractive index changes in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors
Using the envelope wavefunction approximation and the compact density matrix formalism, we have investigated theoretically the linear and nonlinear refractive index changes in AlGaN/GaN quantum wellExpand
Effect of temperature on electronic and electrical behavior of InGaN double hetero-junction p-i-n solar cells
Optoelectronic systems based on elements of the nitride family, mainly, those based on GaN/InGaN alloys offer huge potentialities in solar cell applications, as example in concentrated photovoltaicExpand
Back doping design in delta-doped AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors
Abstract In this paper, we investigate theoretically the electron transport in AlGaN/GaN single-barrier and in AlGaN/GaN/AlGaN double-barrier heterostructures, aimed to operate as high-power andExpand
Modeling of polarization charge in N-face InGaN/GaN MQW solar cells
Abstract The present work reports on a theoretical study of spontaneous and piezoelectric polarization effects on the photovoltaic characteristics of InGaN/GaN multiple quantum well solar cells. MoreExpand
Stark effect studied in -doped GaAs structures
We present a theoretical study of the subband structure of both single and periodically -doped GaAs layers. We will discuss the influence of the -doping concentration and the -layer spacing on theExpand
Time-resolved luminescence data on the 1060 nm transition in Nd3+-doped zinc tellurite glasses
We report time-resolved luminescence data for the 4F3/2→4I11/2 transition in Nd3+-doped zinc tellurite glass. The photoluminescence (PL) shows nonexponential decay and the associated decay timeExpand
Thermal effects in AlGaN/GaN/Si high electron mobility transistors
Abstract Group III–nitride compounds are of increasing interest for designing high power and high temperature transistors. A considerable progress in the growth and process technology of theseExpand
Electronic band parameters for zinc-blende Al1?xGaxN
Band-structure calculations are performed for cubic Al1−xGaxN using the empirical pseudopotential method. The band gaps at Γ, X and L points and the electron effective masses of Γ and X valleys areExpand