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New Guidelines for δ13C Measurements
Consistency of δ13C measurements can be improved 39−47% by anchoring the δ13C scale with two isotopic reference materials differing substantially in 13C/12C. It is recommended that δ13C values ofExpand
Spatiotemporal patterns of carbon‐13 in the global surface oceans and the oceanic suess effect
A global synthesis of the 13C/12C ratio of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) in the surface ocean is attempted by summarizing high-precision data obtained from 1978 to 1997 in all major ocean basins.Expand
The use of electrolysis for accurate delta O-17 and delta O-18 isotope measurements in water
Abstract We present a new system to measure the relative isotopic abundances of both rare isotopes of oxygen in water. Using electrolysis with CuSO4 as electrolyte, water is transformed into oxygenExpand
Exchanges of Atmospheric CO2 and 13CO2 with the Terrestrial Biosphere and Oceans from 1978 to 2000. I. Global Aspects
Author(s): Keeling, Charles D; Piper, Stephen C; Bacastow, Robert B; Wahlen, Martin; Whorf, Timothy P; Heimann, Martin; Meijer, Harro A | Abstract: From 1978 through 1999 the global averageExpand
Interannual variability in the oxygen isotopes of atmospheric CO2 driven by El Niño
It is suggested that the redistribution of moisture and rainfall in the tropics during an El Niño increases the 18O/16O ratio of precipitation and plant water, and that this signal is then passed on to atmospheric CO2 by biosphere–atmosphere gas exchange. Expand
A three‐dimensional synthesis study of δ18O in atmospheric CO2 1. Surface fluxes
The isotope O-18 in CO2 is of particular interest in studying the global carbon cycle because it is sensitive to the processes by which the global land biosphere absorbs and respires CO2. CarbonExpand
Comprehensive inter-laboratory calibration of reference materials for delta18O versus VSMOW using various on-line high-temperature conversion techniques.
Internationally distributed organic and inorganic oxygen isotopic reference materials have been calibrated by six laboratories carrying out more than 5300 measurements using a variety ofExpand