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Theoretical investigations of automimicry, I. Single trial learning.
A surprising prediction of the model is that the evolution of unpalatability will not occur in rare prey species unless they first become Batesian mimics, which in turn could lead to the development of mimicry complexes containing many species forming a whole spectrum of unpAlatability.
Theoretical investigations of automimicry: multiple trial learning and the palatability spectrum.
This paper assumes that the prey is less noxious and that two encounters are required for automimicry, and that species that are uniformly and highly unpalatable can afford to be more dispersed than automimetic species.
Experimental Evaluation of Lateral Buckling Loads
A modification of the Southwell plot is developed to predict lateral buckling loads of beams. The analysis is carried out both for a beam under uniform moment and for a beam loaded by a concentrated
  • L. Brower, H. Meck
  • Biology
    Evolution; international journal of organic…
  • 1 May 1980
Theoretical investigations of automimicry: Multiple trial learning and the palatability spectrum and some aculeate Hymenoptera, their dipteran mimics, and insectivorous birds.
[Experience with the Veritol test].
  • H. Meck
  • Psychology, Medicine
    Medizinische Monatsschrift
  • 1 November 1949