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A novel source of cytoplasmic male sterility and a fertility restoration gene in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) lines.
‘Taibyo VF’, a Japanese rootstock cultivar, is a Solanum grandifolium × S. melongena hybrid that has difficulty setting seed, but F1 plants of ‘Taibyo VF’ × ‘LS1934’ (S. melongena) produce someExpand
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Diamond Turning of Brittle Materials for Optical Components
Abstract The paper deals with the diamond turning technique to obtain mirror finish of brittle materials for optical components. Taking account of material properties and cutting parameters, a modelExpand
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Microdistribution of copper-carbonate and iron oxide nanoparticles in treated wood
Aqueous dispersions of copper-carbonate nanoparticles and microparticles have just begun to be exploited commercially for the preservative treatment of wood. The success of the new systems willExpand
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Surface deterioration of wood-flour polypropylene composites by weathering trials
The market for wood-fiber plastic composites (WPCs) is expanding rapidly in many countries including Japan, where WPCs are mainly used for exterior products. In such applications, WPCs undergoExpand
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DNA markers linked to pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV) resistant locus (L4) in Capsicum
DNA markers linked to the L4 gene that controls resistance to pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV) in Capsicum spp. were screened. Among 516 arbitrary primers, only one primer, that was WA31, amplified aExpand
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Sources of Resistance to Bacterial Wilt in Capsicum
Seventy-four sweet pepper accessions (Capsicum annuum L.), 59 hot pepper accessions (C. annuum), and 63 other Capsicum spp. accessions were screened for resistance to bacterial wilt (RalstoniaExpand
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Impregnation of radiata pine wood by vacuum treatment II: effect of pre-steaming on wood structure and resin content
Radiata pine sapwood and heartwood were dried using high-temperature, conventional-temperature, and air drying schedules with and without pre-steaming. They were then impregnated by vacuum treatmentExpand
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Breeding and Agronomic Characteristics of a New Buckwheat cv. "NAGANO S No.8"
育成経過 そば「長野 S8号」は 2002年に長野県中信農業試験場(農林 水産省そば等育種指定試験地,現長野県野菜花き試験場)に おいて,大粒で茎が太い「関東 1号」を母,広域適応性に優れ る長野県の主力品種「信濃1号」を父とした交配から育成した 品種である.2002年は,交配代の集団から3個体を選抜した. 2003 年にその種子を混合して F1世代を栽植し,大粒で着粒が 多く,倒伏のない 6Expand
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A new potato variety "Star Queen".
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