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A human centromere antigen (CENP-B) interacts with a short specific sequence in alphoid DNA, a human centromeric satellite
We report the interaction between a human centromere antigen and an alphoid DNA, a human centromeric satellite DNA, which consists of 170- bp repeating units. A cloned alphoid DNA fragment incubatedExpand
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Construction of YAC–based mammalian artificial chromosomes
To construct a mammalian artificial chromosome (MAC), telomere repeats and selectable markers were introduced into a 100 kb yeast artificial chromosome (YAC) containing human centromeric DNA. ThisExpand
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CENP-B box is required for de novo centromere chromatin assembly on human alphoid DNA
Centromere protein (CENP) B boxes, recognition sequences of CENP-B, appear at regular intervals in human centromeric α-satellite DNA (alphoid DNA). In this study, to determine whether informationExpand
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CENP-B Controls Centromere Formation Depending on the Chromatin Context
The centromere is a chromatin region that serves as the spindle attachment point and directs accurate inheritance of eukaryotic chromosomes during cell divisions. However, the mechanism by which theExpand
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A human centromere protein, CENP-B, has a DNA binding domain containing four potential alpha helices at the NH2 terminus, which is separable from dimerizing activity
The alphoid DNA-CENP-B (centromere protein B) complex is the first sequence-specific DNA/protein complex detected in the centromeric region of human chromosomes. In the reaction, CENP-B recognizes aExpand
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Centromere protein B assembles human centromeric alpha-satellite DNA at the 17-bp sequence, CENP-B box
We purified 15,000-fold from HeLa cell nuclear extract the centromere antigen that reacts specifically with the 17-bp sequence, designated previously as CENP-B box, in human centromericExpand
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A minimal CENP‐A core is required for nucleation and maintenance of a functional human centromere
Chromatin clusters containing CENP‐A, a histone H3 variant, are found in centromeres of multicellular eukaryotes. This study examines the ability of alpha‐satellite (alphoid) DNA arrays in differentExpand
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Regulation of Histone H3 Lysine 56 Acetylation in Schizosaccharomyces pombe*
In Saccharomyces cerevisiae, acetylation of lysine 56 (Lys-56) in the globular domain of histone H3 plays an important role in response to genotoxic agents that interfere with DNA replication.Expand
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Alphoid satellite DNA is tightly associated with centromere antigens in human chromosomes throughout the cell cycle.
In this study, we have examined a DNA element specific to the centromere domain of human chromosomes. Purified HeLa chromosomes were digested with the restriction enzyme Sau3AI and fractionated byExpand
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Cell cycle behavior of human HP1 subtypes: distinct molecular domains of HP1 are required for their centromeric localization during interphase and metaphase
Heterochromatin protein 1 (HP1) plays an important role in heterochromatin formation. Three subtypes of HP1, namely HP1α, β, and γ, have been identified in humans. In this study, using yellowExpand
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