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Portfolio Selection: Efficient Diversification of Investments
So it is equal to the group of portfolio will be sure. See dealing with the standard deviations. See dealing with terminal wealth investment universe. Investors are rational and return at the point.Expand
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The Utility of Wealth
  • H. Markowitz
  • Economics
  • Journal of Political Economy
  • 1 April 1952
(b) acts in the face of known odds so as to maximize expected utility. (2) The utility function is as illustrated in Figure i. We may assume it to be a continuous curve with at least first and secondExpand
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Mean-Variance Analysis in Portfolio Choice and Capital Markets
The general portfolio selection model preliminary results solution to the general portfolio selection model special cases a portfolio selection programme.
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The Elimination form of the Inverse and its Application to Linear Programming
It is common for matrices in industrial applications of linear programming to have a large proportion of zero coefficients. While every item raw material, intermediate material, end item, equipmentExpand
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Mean-Variance versus Direct Utility Maximization
Levy and Markowitz showed, for various utility functions and empirical returns distributions, that the expected utility maximizer could typically do very well if he acted knowing only the mean andExpand
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Portfolio Optimization with Mental Accounts
We integrate appealing features of Markowitz’s mean-variance portfolio theory (MVT) and Shefrin and Statman’s behavioral portfolio theory (BPT) into a new mental accounting (MA) framework. FeaturesExpand
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The Early History of Portfolio Theory: 1600–1960
q) iversification of investments was a well-established practice long before I published my paper on portfolio selection in 1952. For example, A. Wiesenberger's annual reports in Investment CompaniesExpand
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