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Treatment of Large Human Burns With 0.5% Silver Nitrate Solution
WITHIN THE LAST 30 years the mortality from burns and scalds has fallen. However, this change is largely relatable to the reduction of the death rate from burns and scalds covering 60% or less of theExpand
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Hemorrhagic shock in rats. Measured blood volumes as the basis for the extent of hemorrhage.
This study was undertaken in an attempt to establish a method of bleeding rats and autotransfusing the blood removed from them which would be associated with a mortality of near 50%. The use ofExpand
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NONSYMPTOMATIC or objective treatment of any biologic disorder rests upon the physician's ability to remove the cause of the disorder, to lighten environmental loads having either a positive or aExpand
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Adrenocortical function in alcoholics.
Abstract The diminished adrenocortical responsiveness of chronic alcoholics to surgical trauma has been investigated. It is concluded that alterations in steroid metabolism and not adrenal corticalExpand
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Cyanide Production by Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
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Metabolism of intravenously infused fructose in man.
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Determination of delta4-3-keto-corticosteroids in human peripheral plasma by the isonicotinic acid hydrazide (INH) reaction.
THE purpose of this communication is to extend a previous report by the authors (1) on quantitative studies of various adrenocortical steroids in small samples of peripheral human blood plasma, byExpand
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Determination in plasma of free 17-hydroxy and 17-desoxy corticosteroids and their glucuronic-acid conjugates.
INTRODUCTION AS PART of a long-term investigation (1–4) on the systemic effects of both accidental and surgical trauma, it was decided to determine the blood levels of adrenocortical steroids. It isExpand
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