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Mechanical behavior of salt rock under uniaxial compression and creep tests
Abstract The mechanical characteristics of salt rock are investigated using uniaxial compression tests and creep tests in a salt diapir located in the south of Iran. To investigate how theExpand
Some carbonate rock texture effects on mechanical behavior, based on Koohrang tunnel data, Iran
AbstractThe objective of the study described in this paper is to use correlation analysis and multivariate regression analysis for investigating the effect of physical and petrographicExpand
Investigation of residual stress distribution of dissimilar Al-7075-T6 and Al-6061-T6 in the friction stir welding process strengthened with SiO2 nanoparticles
Abstract In this study, residual stress distribution and mechanical properties of friction stir welded dissimilar 7075-T6 and 6061-T6 aluminum alloys were investigated. Welding and rotational speedsExpand
Investigating effects of water salinity on geotechnical properties of fine-grained soil and quartz in a sandstone case study: Ajichay project in northwest Iran
The effect of water salinity on the geotechnical properties of a CL soil and mechanical properties of a quartz sandstone has been studied using samples from the Ajichay project, located in theExpand
Microstructural Evolution and Mechanical Properties of Mo40/C93200 Bimetal Processed by Compound Casting
Received 12 October 2017 Accepted 28 March 2018 Available online 15 June 2018 Compound casting refers to a process that is used to produce bimetals. This study investigates the interface ofExpand
Treatment of Clayey Soils with Steel Furnace Slag and Lime for Road Construction in the South West of Iran
The fine-grained soils of Arvand free zone in the south west of Iran contains more than 95% fine grained particles. These soils cannot be considered as a proper material for earth works due toExpand
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Mechanical Properties in the Ultrasonic Assisted constraint groove pressing process of copper sheets
In this study, constraint groove pressing (CGP) process and ultrasonic assisted CGP (UCGP) process were investigated on the process forces, mechanical properties of the sheet, including hardness andExpand
Deformation and recrystallization mechanisms inferred from microstructures of naturally deformed rock salt from the diapiric stem and surface glaciers of a salt diapir in Southern Iran
Abstract Microstructures of three naturally deformed rocksalt samples, from the Deh Kuyeh salt fountain in South Iran, were studied by electron backscatter diffraction to constrain deformation andExpand
Different slip systems controlling crystallographic preferred orientation and intracrystalline deformation of amphibole in mylonites from the Neyriz mantle diapir, Iran
Abstract A deformed layered gabbro and a mylonitic gabbro sample from the marginal shear zone of the Neyriz mantle diapir in Iran were analyzed using electron backscatter diffraction (EBSD). BothExpand