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Luminescence Properties of Terbium-, Cerium-, or Europium-Doped α-Sialon Materials
New interesting luminescent α-sialon (M(m/val+)val+ Si12-(m+n) Al(m+n)OnN(16−n)) (M=Ca, Y) materials doped with Ce, Tb, or Eu have been prepared and their luminescence properties studied. These showExpand
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X-ray data for new Y-Si-Al-O-N glass ceramics
Abstract Since the 1970s an increasing number of crystalline oxynitrides have been observed as grain boundary phases in sialon ceramics. In particular, the well-known four- and five-component phasesExpand
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Microstructure–permeability relation of porous β-Si3N4 ceramics
Abstract Porous β-Si 3 N 4 ceramics with two distinct structures were produced by using two different Si 3 N 4 sources to investigate the relationship between microstructure and permeability. ResultsExpand
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Friction and wear behavior of spark plasma-sintered cBN-added Al2O3–PSZ-based composites
Al2O3 composites, comprising 10 wt% ZrO2 stabilized with 0.3 wt% MgO (MSZ/Al2O3) and 17.5–25 vol% cubic boron nitride (cBN)-added MSZ/Al2O3, were fabricated by spark plasma sintering technique, andExpand
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Subsolidus phase relationships in the system Dy2O3-Si3N4-AlN-Al2O3
Abstract Subsolidus phase relationships in the system Dy-Si-Al-O-N have been determined. Forty-two compatibility tetrahedra were established in the region Dy 2 O 3 -Si 3 N 4 -AlN-Al 2 O 3 . WithinExpand
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The effect of processing conditions, amount of additives and composition on the microstructures and mechanical properties of α-SiAlON ceramics
Abstract A series of samples with yttrium α-SiAlON compositions and different amounts of additive has been fabricated from α-Si 3 N 4 , AlN, Al 2 O 3 and Y 2 O 3 starting powders, using gas pressureExpand
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Cytocompatibility property evaluation of gas pressure sintered SiAlON–SiC composites with L929 fibroblast cells and Saos-2 osteoblast-like cells
Although the oxide ceramics have widely been investigated for their biocompatibility, non-oxide ceramics, such as SiAlON and SiC are yet to be explored in detail. Lack of understanding of theExpand
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New developments in a-SiAlON ceramics
Abstract Two different α -sialon compositions have been densified by either pressureless sintering or capsul-free sinter HIPing using either single cation namely strontium, lanthanum, cerium,Expand
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Spark plasma sintering of TaC–HfC UHTC via disilicides sintering aids
Abstract Ta 0.8 Hf 0.2 C ceramic has the highest melting point among the known materials (4000 °C). Spark plasma sintering is a new route for consolidation of materials, specially ultra highExpand
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