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Volumetric-modulated arc therapy for left-sided breast cancer and all regional nodes improves target volumes coverage and reduces treatment time and doses to the heart and left coronary artery,
We compared two intensity-modulated radiotherapy techniques for left-sided breast treatment, involving lymph node irradiation including the internal mammary chain. Inverse planned arc-therapy (VMAT)Expand
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Safety and benefit of using a virtual bolus during treatment planning for breast cancer treated with arc therapy
Abstract Purpose This study evaluates the benefit of a virtual bolus method for volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) plan optimization to compensate breast modifications that may occur duringExpand
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Le coût de la radiothérapie conformationnelle avec modulation d’intensité dans les cancers ORL : l’étude STIC 2002
Le but de l’etude etait d’evaluer le cout complet d’un traitement par radiotherapie conformationnelle avec modulation d’intensite (RCMI) dans les cancers ORL et de le comparer a la remunerationExpand
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Calcul de la distribution de dose en curiethérapie
Brachytherapy dose distribution calculation has evolved from the simple use of charts to the TG-43 formalism. Expand
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Multivariate normal tissue complication probability modeling of vaginal late toxicity after brachytherapy for cervical cancer.
PURPOSE To explore the best variables combination for a predictive model of vaginal toxicity in cervical cancer patients undergoing brachytherapy (BT). METHODS AND MATERIALS Clinical andExpand
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[The cost of intensity modulated radiation therapy in head and neck cancers: results of the 2002 STIC study].
An economic evaluation of intensity modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) in head and neck cancer was carried out to assess the cost of treatment and compare it to reimbursement paid to hospitals in theExpand
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Modeling of flattening filter free photon beams with analytical and Monte Carlo TPS
Recent conventional medical linear particle accelerators (linacs) come with the capacity to deliver flattening filter free (FFF) beams, allowing higher dose rates. Intensity modulated radiationExpand
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[Brachytherapy dose calculation].
Brachytherapy dose distribution calculation has evolved from the simple use of charts to the TG-43 formalism. It depends on the physical and geometrical characteristics of each source, the positionExpand
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Curiethérapie prostatique transpérinéale par iode 125 avec dosimétrie prévisionnelle : analyse des résultats dosimétriques pré- et post-implantation
Resume Objectif de l'etude. – La curietherapie prostatique moderne repose en premier lieu sur la realisation d'une dosimetrie le plus souvent sur support echographique avant ou pendant l'implantationExpand
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Lessons from radiochemotherapy and modern image-guided adaptive brachytherapy followed by hysterectomy.
PURPOSE To analyze the clinical outcomes and the safety of radiochemotherapy (RCT) and image-guided adaptive brachytherapy (IGABT) and to evaluate the impact of hysterectomy (HT) as completion ofExpand