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Occurrence of UVA- and UVB-absorbing compounds in 152 species (206 strains) of marine microalgae
Marine microalgae (152 species, 206 strains) from 12 classes were examined for the presence of UVA- and UVB-absorbing compounds and HPLC analysis of extracts showed suites of mycosporine-like amino acids in 4 of them, which included mycosportine-glycine, asterina-330, shinorine, porphyra-334 and palythine.
Rhythmic emission of floral volatiles from Rosa damascena semperflorens cv. ‘Quatre Saisons’
The results suggest that glycosylated volatiles stored within petals may be a source of rhythmically emitted volatile from Rosa damascena semperflorens cv.
Biogenesis of 2-Phenylethanol in Rose Flowers: Incorporation of [2H8]L-Phenylalanine into 2-Phenylethanol and its β-D-…
To clarify the biosynthetic pathway to 2-phenylethanol (2), the deuterium-labeled putative precursor, [2H8]L-phenylalanine ([2H8-1]), was fed to the flowers of Rosa ‘Hoh-Jun’ and R. damascena Mill.
Biogenesis of 2-phenylethanol in rose flowers: incorporation of [2H8]L-phenylalanine into 2-phenylethanol and its beta-D-glucopyranoside during the flower opening of Rosa 'Hoh-Jun' and Rosa damascena
The deuterium-labeled putative precursor, [2H8]-1 was incorporated into both 2 and 2-phenylethyl beta-D-glucopyranoside (3) when the flowers were fed until full bloom, whereas no such incorporation into 2 was apparent when feeding was ceased earlier.
Emission of Volatiles From Brown Boronia Flowers: Some Comparative Observations
Preliminary evidence is presented for endogenous control of emission of a number of volatiles such as a-pinene, with perhaps diurnal control of others such as b-ionone.
Factors affecting yield and composition of floral extract from Boronia megastigma Nees
This study included the sites and routes of biosynthesis and accumulation of particular secondary compounds, phenology of flowering and extract accumulation, genetic and environmental yield-limiting characteristics, conjugates between volatile compounds and sugars, the effect of various post-harvest storage conditions and the process of extraction of product.
Volatiles in Different Floral Organs, and Effect of Floral Characteristics on Yield of Extract fromBoronia megastigma(Nees)
The environment modifies yield and quality of extract in clonal plants, indicating that both have relatively low heritability, and the effect of environment on this potential should be the subject of future work.
The Effect of Flower Maturity and Harvest Timing on Floral Extract fromBoronia megastigma(Nees)
Development of floral organs during maturation of flower buds into fully open boronia flowers is described. The petals and functional anthers attain their maximum size prior to the non-functional