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Transcripts of the MHM region on the chicken Z chromosome accumulate as non-coding RNA in the nucleus of female cells adjacent to the DMRT1 locus
The male hypermethylated (MHM) region, located near the middle of the short arm of the Z chromosome of chickens, consists of approximately 210 tandem repeats of a BamHI 2.2-kb sequence unit.Expand
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In vivo tracking of platelets: circulating degranulated platelets rapidly lose surface P-selectin but continue to circulate and function.
To examine the hypothesis that surface P-selectin-positive (degranulated) platelets are rapidly cleared from the circulation, we developed novel methods for tracking of platelets and measurement ofExpand
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An integrative analysis of phylogenetic relationships among newts of the genus Triturus (family Salamandridae), using comparative biochemistry, cytogenetics and reproductive interactions
All the currently available data with regard to morphology, palaeontology, biochemical genetics, reproductive interactions and behaviour have been collated and analysed with combinations of pheneticExpand
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Working with Animal Chromosomes
Chromosome size, number and shape mitotic chromosomes chromosomes in meiosis chromosome banding polytene chromosomes lampbrush chromosomes visualization of transcription, Aimee H.Bakken and R.S.HillExpand
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Chromosomes, DNA sequences, and evolution in salamanders of the genus Plethodon
Chromosomes and DNA sequence homologies have been studied in 15 species of North American salamander belonging to the genus Plethodon. These include 4 Eastern small species, 5 Eastern large species,Expand
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  • H. Macgregor
  • Medicine, Biology
  • Biological reviews of the Cambridge Philosophical…
  • 1 May 1972
1. Amphibian oocyte nucleoli may be solid and round, or they may take the form of beaded rings. Transformation of the nucleoli from the solid form to the ring form and back again may be a regularExpand
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Gynogenesis in Salamanders Related to Ambystoma jeffersonianum
The oocytes of naturally occurring triploid females of the Ambystoma jeffersonianum complex each contain 84 lampbrush chromosomes. This constitutes hexaploidy (n = 14). The chromosomes are joinedExpand
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Transcription on lampbrush chromosomes of a centromerically localized highly repeated DNA in pigeon (Columba) relates to sequence arrangement
A highly repetitive, centromerically localized DNA sequence (PR1) has been isolated from the genomic DNA of two species of pigeon (Columba livia andC. palumbus). PR1 is approximately 900 bp long. ItExpand
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An introduction to animal cytogenetics
Chromosome in mitosis. Karyology and evolution. Meiosis. Sex chromosomes and sex determination. Polyploidy in animals. Inactivation and elimination of chromosomes. DNA replication, endomitosis andExpand
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C value and cell volume: their significance in the evolution and development of amphibians.
Cell volume has been determined in 18 species of amphibian, ranging in C value from 1.4 pg to 62 pg DNA. There is a strong linear relationship between C value and both erythrocyte volume andExpand
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