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The enhancement of TiO2 photocatalytic activity by hydrogen thermal treatment.
In this study, conventional TiO2 powder was heated in hydrogen (H2) gas at a high temperature as pretreatment. The photoactivity of the treated TiO2 samples was evaluated in the photodegradation ofExpand
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Comparative study of oxidation kinetics for pure nickel oxidized under tensile and compressive stress
The growth of oxide scales on pure nickel oxidized under tensile and compressive stress at 973 K was investigated. The objective was to understand the effect of mechanical loading on the oxidationExpand
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Genome-Wide Scan Identifies Selection Signatures in Chinese Wagyu Cattle Using a High-Density SNP Array
  • Zezhao Wang, H. Ma, +10 authors J. Li
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Animals : an open access journal from MDPI
  • 30 May 2019
Simple Summary Analysis of the genomic regions under consideration can provide important insights into the genetic basis of complex traits. In this study, we utilized a high-density SNP (SingleExpand
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High temperature corrosion of pure Fe, Cr and Fe–Cr binary alloys in O2 containing trace KCl vapour at 750 °C
Abstract Pure Fe, Cr and Fe–Cr binary alloys were corroded in O 2 containing 298 ppm KCl vapour at 750 °C. The corrosion kinetics were determined, and the microstructure and the composition of oxideExpand
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Enhanced diamond CVD synthesis on steel substrates modified by ion beam implantation and sputtering of Al
Abstract Graphite carbon preferentially forms on steel substrates during CVD diamond synthesis process, resulting in poor interface adhesion along with severe carburization-induced substrate damage.Expand
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Metal dusting, carburization and diamond deposition on Fe–Cr alloys in CH4–H2 plasma atmospheres
Abstract Fe–Cr model alloys (with 20–80 wt.% Cr) were exposed to a CH 4 –H 2 mixture in a microwave plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (CVD) atmosphere. Severe metal dusting and carburizationExpand
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Surface layer evolutions of pre-oxidised Fe–30Cr alloy induced by gaseous KCl
Abstract This study reports on the evolutions of surface structure and composition of Fe–30Cr alloys that were first oxidised in oxygen atmosphere then followed by an exposure in gaseous KClExpand
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Enhanced diamond deposition on Kovar alloy substrate with Al interlayer
Abstract During chemical vapour deposition of diamond coatings on transition metal (Fe, Co, Ni) substrates, porous graphitic carbon preferentially forms on the substrate surfaces and it induces aExpand
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