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On the mathematical status of the pseudo-steady state hypothesis of biochemical kinetics☆
Abstract It is shown that the steady state hypothesis commonly introduced into the kinetics of enzyme reactions is the degenerate case in a singular perturbation of the full kinetic equations underExpand
Statistics and dynamics of procaryotic cell populations
Abstract The formulation of a mathematical theory of a cell population requires the ability to specify quantitatively the physiological state of individual cells of the population. In procaryoticExpand
Enzymatic synthesis of dextran; acceptor specificity and chain initiation.
Hydromechanical method to increase efficiency of algal photosynthesis.
Efficiency in photosynthesizing algal cultures increased, using photosynthetic gas exchanger with flashing light effect
Dynamics of microbial propagation: Models considering inhibitors and variable cell composition
Mathematical models for microbial growth in batch and continuous cultures are formulated. The models have been referred to as distributed models since the microbial population in a culture is lookedExpand
Dynamics of Microbial Cell Populations
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the unstructured models of microbial cell population, distributed structured models, segregated structured models, and growth of single microbial cells. ItExpand
Microbial food chains and food webs.
Abstract Mathematical models for simple microbial food chains and food webs in continuous culture are developed and analyzed. A model for competition of two microbial species for a single scarceExpand
Predator-prey interactions of Dictyostelium discoideum and Escherichia coli in continuous culture.
Dictyostelium discoideum and Escherichia coli were aerobically propagated in mixed continuous culture in a predator-prey relationship, and the effects of temperature and holding times were examined.Expand