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Animal Abuse and Unlawful Killing: Forensic veterinary pathology
Introduction Definition of forensic veterinary pathology - a developing specialty. The relationship between the forensic veterinary pathologist and the courts. Why do it? The forensic examination andExpand
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The effects of autoimmune (or idiopathic) thrombocytopenic purpura (ATP) on 51 pregnancies in 29 women is presented. There is no convincing evidence that the clinical course of ATP is influenced byExpand
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Canine filariasis
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Psoroptic mange in goats in Fiji
SummaryMange caused byPsoroptes cuniculi was first recognised in goats in Fiji in 1977. Of 33 widely separated herds examined 16 were infested 4 herds having the “extensive” type lesions in olderExpand
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Infectivity of a strain of Cryptosporidium found in the guinea-pig (Cavia porcellus) for guinea-pigs, mice and lambs.
Cryptosporidiosis was diagnosed in guinea-pigs bred by a commercial laboratory supplier on histological examination of the intestine. Oral transmission to laboratory guinea-pigs aged up to 16 weeksExpand
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The cardiovascular response to ketamine: the effects of clonidine and lignocaine
The effectiveness of clonidine or lignocaine in reducing the cardiostimulatory effects of ketamine was studied. A double‐blind, randomized design was used in three groups of 20 patients each, of ASAExpand
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Nutritional consequences of excess amino acid intake.
  • H. M. Munro
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  • 1978
Various mechanisms respond to intakes of amino acids in excess of those required for normal tissue function. When excessive amounts of amino acids are taken, catabolism by enzymes in the liver andExpand
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Lynxacarus on cats in Fiji.
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A case report of pyometra in the leopard (Panthera pardus).
SUMMARY Post-mortem examination of a 20-year-old spotted leopard revealed a closed pyometra and chronic peritonitis. A long-standing rupture of the uterine wall suggested that the peritonitis was aExpand
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Forensic veterinary medicine
An article in the May 2011 issue of In Practice (volume 33, pages 220–227) discussed the fundamentals of forensic veterinary medicine and considered the protocol for investigating and reporting onExpand
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