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Dark Matter Benchmark Models for Early LHC Run-2 Searches. Report of the ATLAS/CMS Dark Matter Forum
This document is the final report of the ATLAS-CMS Dark Matter Forum, a forum organized by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations with the participation of experts on theories of Dark Matter, to select aExpand
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We report a search for fluctuations of the sky brightness toward the north ecliptic pole with the Japanese infrared astronomical satellite AKARI, at 2.4, 3.2, and 4.1 {mu}m. We obtained circular mapsExpand
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Stabilization of the electroweak vacuum by a scalar threshold effect
A bstractWe show how a heavy scalar singlet with a large vacuum expectation value can evade the potential instability of the Standard Model electroweak vacuum. The quartic interaction between theExpand
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Power-counting and the validity of the classical approximation during inflation
We use the power-counting formalism of effective field theory to study the size of loop corrections in theories of slow-roll inflation, with the aim of more precisely identifying the limits ofExpand
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Chaotic inflation in Jordan frame supergravity
We consider the inflationary scenario with non-minimal coupling in 4D Jordan frame supergravity. We find that there occurs a tachyonic instability along the direction of the accompanying non-inflatonExpand
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Unitarizing Higgs Inflation
Abstract We consider a simple extension of the Standard Model Higgs inflation with one new real scalar field which preserves unitarity up to the Planck scale. The new scalar field (called sigma)Expand
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Starobinsky-like inflation from induced gravity
Abstract We derive a general criterion that defines all single-field models leading to Starobinsky-like inflation and to universal predictions for the spectral index and tensor-to-scalar ratio, whichExpand
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Evolution of dust temperature of galaxies through cosmic time as seen by Herschel
We study the dust properties of galaxies in the redshift range 0.1 to 2.8 observed by the Herschel Space Observatory in the field of the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey-North as part of the PACS Extragalactic Probe. Expand
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Gravity-mediated (or composite) dark matter
Dark matter could have an electroweak origin, yet it could communicate with the visible sector exclusively through gravitational interactions. In a setup addressing the hierarchy problem, we proposeExpand
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Codimension-2 brane inflation
We consider a probe codimension-2 brane inflation scenario in a warped six-dimensional flux compactification. Our background model is Salam-Sezgin gauged supergravity with codimension-2 braneExpand
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