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The role of the liver in the production of free radicals during halothane anaesthesia in the rat. Quantification of N-tert-butyl-alpha-(4- nitrophenyl)nitrone (PBN)-trapped adducts in bile from
Halothane or CCl4 was co-administered with the spin trap N-tert-butyl-alpha-(4-nitrophenyl)nitrone (PBN) to rats fitted with bile duct cannuli or to isolated perfused liver preparations. RatsExpand
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Glutathione-dependent dechlorination of 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxyfructose.
The metabolism of 14C- and 36Cl-labelled 1,6-dichloro-1,6-dideoxyfructose (DCF) was studied in the isolated perfused rat liver system. Dechlorination of DCF occurred in the liver and erythrocytes andExpand
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Refrigerants and energy efficiency
Abstract Environmental concerns (i.e. ozone depletion and greenhouse warming) are forcing major shifts from traditional choices of refrigerant working fluids for individual systems and for specificExpand
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A Refrigerant Producer's Experience in Manufacturing Zeotropic Blends
H.M.Hughes W. P. Dulaney R. L. Broussard
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Institutional Controls at Air Force Superfund Sites
Abstract : The Superfund environmental cleanup program has made great strides in cleaning up our nation's deadliest contaminated sites. However, this success has come at a tremendous price. CongressExpand
Azeotrope of HFC-125 and HFC-143a as an Alternative for R-502
R-502 has been the primary refrigerant for low temperature commercial refrigeration applications for many years. The impending phase-out of CFCs dictates its elimination in the very near future. TheExpand
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