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The Effect of Withdrawing Growth Promoting Antibiotics from Broiler Chickens: A Long-Term Commercial Industry Study
SUMMARY A comprehensive study with close to 7 million growing broilers spanning 3 yr and 158 pairedhouses was conducted in two different geographic locations under industry conditions. A limitedExpand
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A Collaborative Study to Evaluate a Precision-Fed Rooster Assay for True Amino Acid Availability in Feed Ingredients
Abstract A collaborative study involving six laboratories was undertaken by the US Animal Nutrition Research Council to evaluate a precision-fed rooster assay as a means of measuring biologicalExpand
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Growth hormone metabolism in essential fatty acid-deficient and pair-fed nondeficient chicks.
Day-old White Leghorn cockerels were fed a purified essential fatty acid (EFA)-deficient basal diet (0.03% linoleic acid) ad libitum for 1 week. They were then fed one of the following treatments forExpand
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Effects of an essential fatty acid deficiency, pair-feeding and level of dietary corn oil on the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis and other physiological parameters in the male chicken.
Two studies were conducted to observe the effects of an essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency, added dietary corn oil and pair-feeding on growth, reproduction and other physiological parameters inExpand
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Growth performance, carcass composition, and pigmentation of broilers fed supplemental nickel.
Two experiments were conducted to evaluate effects of supplemental Ni on growth performance, carcass composition, and pigmentation of broilers. In Experiment 1, female broilers (n = 120) were housedExpand
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Effect of herring oil on body weight, comb size and gonadal development in the chick.
A diet with 20% herring oil (0.55% linoleate) gave comparable growth responses to a diet containing 20% corn oil (12.07% linoleate) in 4-week-old male and female White Leghorn chicks. No additive orExpand
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Influence of Slat-Litter and Litter Floors on Performance of Broiler Breeder Hens1
Abstract A total of 2,000 breeder pullets and 250 cockerels were fed on a skip-a-day program and reared to body weights at 20 wk of age as recommended by the breeder. Birds were housed in the layingExpand