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Differential effects of thiobencarb toxicity on growth and photosynthesis of Anabaena variabilis with changes in phosphate level.
A thiobencarb dose of 3 mg L(-1) reduced the protein content of Anabaena variabilis, whereas it elevated the carbohydrate content. Measurements of Anabaena growth, photosynthetic activity, andExpand
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Chlorophyll a fluorescence and photosynthetic activity as tools for the evaluation of simazine toxicity to Protosiphon botryoides and Anabaena variabilis.
On studying the effect of simazine on Protosiphon botryoides and Anabaena variabilis, data revealed that chlorophyll a content and dry weight were decreased with the increase in simazineExpand
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Antimicrobial activity of the cyanobacteriaAnabaena wisconsinense andOscillatoria curviceps against pathogens of fish in aquaculture
Cultures of the blue green algae (cyanobacteria)Anabaena wisconsinense andOscillatoria curviceps were isolated from fish farms and their antimicrobial effects were studied. Solvent extracts ofExpand
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Effect of pendimethalin on growth and photosynthetic activity of Protosiphon botryoides in different nutrient states.
The effect of pendimethalin on the green alga Protosiphon botryoides was investigated. Results indicate that specific growth rate, cell number, chlorophyll a level, and dry weight yield significantlyExpand
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Effect of thiobencarb on growth and photosynthesis of the soil alga Protosiphon botryoides (Chlorophyta)
The effects of the herbicide thiobencarb (Saturn) were tested on the growth and physiology of the chlorophyte Protosiphon botryoides isolated from an Egyptian paddy. Assays were conducted usingExpand
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