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Plastic debris in the stomach of a Longman's Beaked Whale, Indopacetus pacificus (Longman, 1926) stranded off Sutrapada, Veraval, Saurashtra coast, India
Longman’s beaked whale or the Indo- Pacific beaked whale (Indopacetus pacificus) is a rarely occurring whale with very poor information on sighting or stranding, though more common in westernExpand
Fishery and stock estimates of the silver pomfret, Pampus argenteus (Euphrasen), landed by gill netters at Veraval.
The fishery and population characteristics of silver pomfret Pampus argenteus (Euphrasen) caught by gillnetters off Veraval were studied and the Maximum Sustainable Yield was lower than the average annual catch indicating over-exploitation of the species. Expand
Trophodynamics and reproductive biology of Otolithoides biauritus (Cantor) landed by trawlers at Vanakbara, Diu along the west coast of India
The trophodynamics and reproductive biology of koth Otolithoides biauritus caught by trawlers at Vanakbara, Diu was studied and young ones of O. biau fed more abundantly than adults with penaeid prawns dominating the gut contents while adults preferred finfishes as their diet. Expand
Capture based aquaculture of mud spiny lobster, Panulirus polyphagus(Herbst, 1793) in open sea floating net cages off Veraval,north-west coast of India
Results suggest that P. polyphagus has potential for capture based aquaculture in sea cage culture systems along Gujarat coast. Expand
Prevalence of marine litter along the Indian beaches : A preliminary account on its status and composition
Beach litter are man-made objects discarded directly or indirectly. This study brings out synoptic picture of status and composition of beach litter from 254 selected beaches along the maritimeExpand
Assessment of certain Anthropogenic Interventions and their Impacts along the Indian Coastline
Coastal anthropogenic activities such as sand mining, disposal of untreated or partially treated sewage and industrial effluents from selected centres along Indian coastline and their possible Expand
Ginger Prawn Fishery in Gulf of Kutch: A Seasonal Livelihood for the Traditional Fishermen
Seasonal fi shery of Metapenaeus kutchensis (ginger prawn) is a signifi cant source of livelihood for the socioeconomically backward part-time fi shermen in the Gulf of Kutch region in India. DuringExpand
Flourishing trade of air bladders at Okha, Gujarat
The swim bladders of eels (Muraenesox talabonoides Bleeker), ghol (Protonibea diacanthus Lacepede) and koth (Otolithoides biauritus Cantor) are of best quality and fetch very high market price owingExpand
Fishery and population dynamics of Protonibea diacanthus (Lacepede) and Otolithoides biauritus (Cantor) landed by trawlers at Vanakbara, Diu along the west coast of India
The fishery and population characteristics of larger sciaenids Protonibea diacanthus (Lacepede) and Otolithoides biauritus(Cantor) landed by trawlers at Vanakbara, Diu were studied for the periodExpand
Record size of Oriental sole (Euryglossa orientalis) (Bloch & Schneider, 1801), caught off Nawabunder, Gujarat
E. orientalis largest ever recorded oriental sole landed in Nawabunder Fishing Harbour in Gujarat caught by Dol net.