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Structure and phase transitions in Langmuir monolayers
Lipid monolayers on the surface of water have been studied for over a hundred years, but in the last decade there has been a dramatic evolution in our understanding of the structures and phaseExpand
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Abstract Polyelectrolytes have been consecutively adsorbed onto charged polystyrene latex particles, forming stable ultrathin multilayer films. Film growth has been followed by electrophoresis,Expand
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Diverse Applications of Nanomedicine
The design and use of materials in the nanoscale size range for addressing medical and health-related issues continues to receive increasing interest. Research in nanomedicine spans a multitude ofExpand
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Novel Hollow Polymer Shells by Colloid-Templated Assembly of Polyelectrolytes.
Exact control of the film thickness of polyelectrolyte shells (a transmission electron microscopy image is shown) is achieved by colloid-templated consecutive adsorption of polyanions and polycationsExpand
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Layer‐by‐Layer Assembled Nanocontainers for Self‐Healing Corrosion Protection
The corrosion of metals is one of the main destructive processes that leads to huge economic losses. Polymer coating systems are normally applied on a metal surface to provide a dense barrier againstExpand
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Stepwise Polyelectrolyte Assembly on Particle Surfaces: a Novel Approach to Colloid Design
Polyelectrolyte multilayers were deposited onto polystyrene and melamine formaldehyde latex particles by means of consecutive adsorption. Two different methods of multilayer growth were employed.Expand
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Mechanics of artificial microcapsules
In recent years, an increasing number of microcapsule systems have been realized and have found applications in various fields of research and technology. Amongst others, polyelectrolyte multilayerExpand
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Near-IR remote release from assemblies of liposomes and nanoparticles.
Set free by light: Near-IR (NIR) laser-initiated remote release of fluorescent dye from complexes of liposome-gold-nanoparticle aggregates is demonstrated (see fluorescence images). Complexes of theExpand
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Studies on the drug release properties of polysaccharide multilayers encapsulated ibuprofen microparticles.
Ibuprofen microcrystals sized between 5 and 40 μm have been encapsulated with polyelectrolyte multilayers (PEM) for the purpose of controlled release. The encapsulation was accomplished by a novelExpand
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