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Should operations be regionalized? The empirical relation between surgical volume and mortality.
This study examines mortality rates for 12 surgical procedures of varying complexity in 1498 hospitals to determine whether there is a relation between a hospital's surgical volume and its surgicalExpand
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The volume-outcome relationship: practice-makes-perfect or selective-referral patterns?
Various studies have demonstrated that hospitals with larger numbers of patients with a specific diagnosis or procedure have lower mortality rates. In some instances, these results have beenExpand
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Correlation of Travel Time on Roads versus Straight Line Distance
  • C. Phibbs, H. Luft
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  • Medical care research and review : MCRR
  • 1 December 1995
Studies of hospital demand and choice of hospital have used straight line distance from a patient's home to hospitals as a measure of geographic access, but there is the potential for bias ifExpand
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Does managed care lead to better or worse quality of care?
We analyzed evidence on managed care plan (mostly health maintenance organization, or HMO) performance from thirty-seven recently published peer-reviewed studies. Quality-of-care evidence fromExpand
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Appropriate measures of hospital market areas.
As public and private policymakers turn to market-oriented strategies to control hospital prices, it is necessary to understand the conceptual underpinnings of hospital market area measurement. ThisExpand
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The impact of hospital market structure on patient volume, average length of stay, and the cost of care.
A variety of recent proposals rely heavily on market forces as a means of controlling hospital cost inflation. Sceptics argue, however, that increased competition might lead to cost-increasingExpand
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Managed care plan performance since 1980. A literature analysis.
OBJECTIVE To compare the health care utilization, expenditure, quality of care, and satisfaction since 1980 of enrollees in managed care and indemnity plans. DATA SOURCES AND STUDY SELECTIONExpand
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HMO plan performance update: an analysis of the literature, 1997-2001.
This paper synthesizes results from peer-reviewed literature published from 1997 to mid-2001, on various dimensions of health maintenance organization (HMO) plan performance. Results fromExpand
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Does quality influence choice of hospital?
In recent years, much information has been provided to the public and to physicians about hospital quality measured in terms of patient outcomes. To examine if, before these public data releases,Expand
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Strategies To Support Quality-based Purchasing: A Review of the Evidence
Deficiencies in quality have been widely documented in the U.S. health care system. A recent component of purchaser response to these data has been the pursuit of quality-based purchasing (QBP).Expand
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