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High Prevalence of Vitamin D Insufficiency in China: Relationship with the Levels of Parathyroid Hormone and Markers of Bone Turnover
There is a lack of large-scale studies on vitamin D status and its relationship to parathyroid hormone (PTH) and bone turnover markers in adults living in Shanghai. The objectives were to determineExpand
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KRDS, a new peptide derived from human lactotransferrin, inhibits platelet aggregation and release reaction.
KRDS (Lys-Arg-Asp-Ser), a tetrapeptide from human lactotransferrin, was tested in vitro on human platelet function, and its effects were compared to those of RGDS, a tetrapeptide from humanExpand
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Localization of concomitant metastases to kidney and erector spinae from papillary thyroid carcinoma using (131)I-SPECT and CT.
Whole-body I scanning plays an important role in the management of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer (DTC). Areas of uptake demonstrated following diagnostic or therapeutic I administrationExpand
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FAM172A protein promotes the proliferation of human papillary thyroid carcinoma cells via the p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase pathway.
Family with sequence similarity 172, member A (FAM172A), was cloned from human aortic tissues and confirmed in our previous study in 2009, however, its functions remain to be fully elucidated. In ourExpand
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Localized subacute thyroiditis presenting as a painful hot nodule
BackgroundA diagnosis of subacute thyroiditis is readily considered when patients present with a particular set of typical clinical characteristics. Subacute thyroiditis sometimes presents as aExpand
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Outcome After High-Dose Radioiodine Therapy for Advanced Differentiated Thyroid Carcinoma in Childhood
Objective. To evaluate the clinical outcome in childhood patients receiving postoperative high-dose radioiodine therapy for advanced differentiated thyroid carcinoma. Method. Patients under 18 yearsExpand
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Fibrinogen binding and platelet retention: relationship with the thrombogenicity of catheters.
One of the major problems in the use of catheters is their thrombogenicity, since the embolization of clots near the central nervous system or the coronary arteries can cause permanent damage. InExpand
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Comparison of free plasma metanephrines enzyme immunoassay with 131I-MIBG scan in diagnosis of pheochromocytoma
Measurement of free plasma metanephrines (metanephrine and normetanephrine), usually performed by high-performance liquid chromatography with electrochemical detection (HPLC-ECD), has beenExpand
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Preparation, in vitro and in vivo evaluation of (99m)Tc-Annexin B1: a novel radioligand for apoptosis imaging.
To develop a radiopharmaceutical for apoptosis imaging, Annexin B1, a new Ca2+-dependent phosphatidylserine (PS)-binding protein, was directly radiolabeled with (99m)Tc. This procedure yields up toExpand
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Preparation and bioevaluation of 99mTc-HYNIC-annexin B1 as a novel radioligand for apoptosis imaging
Annexin B1, a novel Ca2+-dependent PS-binding protein, has been shown to have a high affinity for PS exposed on the surface of apoptotic cells. To develop and bioevaluate an annexin B1 basedExpand
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