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Effects of chronic amorphous silica exposure on sequential pulmonary function.
To assess clincial effects of precipitated amorphous silica (PAS), the authors reviewed serial spirograms, respiratory questionnaires, and chest radiographs of 165 workers exposed for a mean of 8.6Expand
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Local inhibition of histamine flare in man: A method of bioassay of antihistamine drugs☆
Abstract 1.1. A method of bioassay using a technique of local inhibition of the histamine flare by antihistamine drugs is described. 2.2. The results of this bioassay are given in terms of theExpand
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The Registers of Liberated Africans of the Havana Slave Trade Commission: Transcription Methodology and Statistical Analysis
Between 1824 and 1841, the Anglo-Spanish Court of Mixed Commission in Cuba was responsible for creating passenger lists for over ten thousand liberated Africans, or emancipados, found aboardExpand
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Redrawing historical maps of the Bight of Benin Hinterland, c. 1780
Given advances in digital cartography, mapmaking is straightforward, affordable, accurate and easy to scale. In the absence of reliable contemporary maps of pre-colonial sub-Saharan West Africa,Expand
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Redefining African Regions for Linking Open-Source Data
Abstract: In recent years, an increasing number of online archival databases of primary sources related to the history of the African diaspora and slavery have become freely and readily accessibleExpand
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Abstract The etymology of ‘Lucumí’ and ‘Terranova’, ethnonyms used to describe Yoruba-speaking people during the Atlantic slave trade, helps to reconceptualize the origins of a Yoruba nation. WhileExpand
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