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Phase-equilibrium of supraconductors in a magnetic field
At present it seems to be doubtful whether in the theory of supraconductivity the conception of two phases, a supraconducting and a normal phase, can describe the transformation between the twoExpand
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Alternating current losses in superconductors of the second kind
The power (heating) losses occurring when an alternating current in a hard superconductor is used to produce a pulsed or alternating magnetic field are estimated. Heat losses for a solenoid areExpand
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Separation of isotopes
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The production of intense cold neutron beams
Abstract The moderation of pile neutrons to very low energies has been investigated. Liquid hydrogen, liquid hydrogen deuteride and methane at 20°k were found to be effective moderators. After anExpand
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The scattering of cold neutrons by liquid helium
The differential cross-section and the average energy loss of 45°K neutrons for scattering by liquid helium have been measured at angles of scatter near 0 and 180° and for liquid temperatures fromExpand
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The scaling laws for the stabilized pinch are derived. The recent results obtained with such discharges are considered in the light of these relations.
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