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Mosaic evolution of brain structure in mammals
NATURE | VOL 405 | 29 JUNE 2000 | www.nature.com 1055 10. Warnow, T. Mathematical approaches to comparative linguistics. Proc. Natl Acad. Sci. USA 94, 6585± 6590 (1997). 11. Bateman, R. et al.Expand
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The temporal response of the brain after eating revealed by functional MRI
After eating, the human brain senses a biochemical change and then signals satiation, but precisely when this occurs is unknown. Even for well-established physiological systems like glucose–insulinExpand
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Lie detection by functional magnetic resonance imaging
The accurate detection of deception or lying is a challenge to experts in many scientific disciplines. To investigate if specific cerebral activation characterized feigned memory impairment, sixExpand
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Functional MRI of conventional and anomalous metaphors in Mandarin Chinese
This study looks at whether conventional and anomalous metaphors are processed in different locations in the brain while being read when compared with a literal condition in Mandarin Chinese. We findExpand
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Expertise Modulates the Perception of Pain in Others
Perceiving the pain of others activates a large part of the pain matrix in the observer [1]. Because this shared neural representation can lead to empathy or personal distress [2, 3], regulatoryExpand
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The Neural System Underlying Chinese Logograph Reading
Written Chinese as logographic script differs notably from alphabets such as English in visual form, orthography, phonology, and semantics. Thus, research on the Chinese language is important toExpand
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Functional anatomy of syntactic and semantic processing in language comprehension
A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study was conducted to map syntactic and semantic processes onto the brain. Chinese‐English bilingual subjects performed two experimental tasks: aExpand
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Neural systems for word meaning modulated by semantic ambiguity
We found that, compared with semantically precise words, semantically ambiguous words were mediated by strong brain activations in the left dorsal-lateral frontal areas, the anterior cingulate, and the right inferior parietal lobe. Expand
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Working memory in patients with mild traumatic brain injury: functional MR imaging analysis.
PURPOSE To analyze brain activation patterns in response to tests of working memory after a mild traumatic brain injury (MTBI). MATERIALS AND METHODS Research ethics committee approval and patientExpand
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Gender differences in neural correlates of recognition of happy and sad faces in humans assessed by functional magnetic resonance imaging
To examine the effect of gender on the volume and pattern of brain activation during the viewing of alternating sets of faces depicting happy or sad expressions, 24 volunteers, 12 men and 12 women,Expand
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