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Chemistry and Structure-Activity Relationships of Cardioactive Steroids
The possible relationships between the three-dimensional structure of a cardioactive steroid (CAS) and its therapeutic and toxic effects haven been examined repeatedly. The reason for this sustainedExpand
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[Cardenolides from Ch' an Su].
From the toad venom Ch'an Su digitoxigenin (I), periplogenin (IX), and sarmentogenin (XI) were isolated as well as the two new 14, 15 β-epoxy-cardenolides III and VI which — regarding their steroidExpand
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Cardenolide aus dem chinesischen Krötengift Ch'an Su. Über Krötengifte, 35. Mitteilung
From the toad venom Ch'an Su the cardenolides I, III and V have been isolated. It is the first time that cardenolides and bufadienolides are detected simultaneously in a biological material.
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[Cardenolide hydrogen suberates and other bufadienolide hydrogen suberates in Ch'an Su].
From the toad venom Ch'an Su the methyl esters of the cardenolide hydrogen suberates 3 and 6 were isolated, as well as a number of new bufadienolide hydrogensuberates. The partial synthesis of someExpand
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Konstitution des Resibufogenins Über Krötengifte, 17. Mitteilung
On thc basis of new degradation work it is shown that Resibufogenin is 3β-hydroxy-14β,15β-oxido-bufadien-(20; 22)-olide. It can easily be isomerized into 15-ketosteroids (Coprostane type!), which areExpand
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Konstitution des Cinobufagins. Über Krötengifte, 24. Mitteilung
The structure of cinobufagin is shown to be 3 β-hydroxy-14, 15β-epoxy-16β-acetoxy-5β-bufa-20,22-dienolide.
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Konstitution des Arenobufagins. Über Krötengifte, 23. Mitteilung
Arenobufagin, das Hauptbufogenin der sudamerikanischen Krote Bufo arenarum Hensel, wurde als Acetylverbindung mit KMnO4 in Aceton oxydiert, wobei saure und neutrale Abbauprodukte erhalten werdenExpand
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Konstitution des Cinobufotalins. Über Krötengifte, 28. Mitteilung
The structure of cinobufotalin is shown to be 3β,5-dihydroxy-14,15β-epoxy-16β-acetoxy-5β-bufa-20, 22-dienolide.
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Über neue Bufadienolide aus Ch'an Su. Über Krötengifte, 34. Mitteilung
Two new bufadienolides, isolated from Ch'an Su, are proved to be 19-oxo-cinobufagin (III) and 19-oxo-cinobufotalin (V), respectively.
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