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In Situ Growth of a High-Performance All-Solid-State Electrode for Flexible Supercapacitors Based on a PANI/CNT/EVA Composite
For the development of light, flexible, and wearable electronic devices, it is crucial to develop energy storage components combining high capacity and flexibility. Herein, an all-solid-stateExpand
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A metallic glass syntactic foam with enhanced energy absorption performance
Abstract By using the high-pressure melt infiltration technique, a syntactic foam is fabricated with bulk metallic glass and alumina cenospheres. Compared to pure metallic glass foams, the new foamExpand
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Ti-Based Biomedical Material Modified with TiOx/TiNx Duplex Bioactivity Film via Micro-Arc Oxidation and Nitrogen Ion Implantation
Titanium (Ti) and Ti-based alloy are widely used in the biomedical field owing to their excellent mechanical compatibility and biocompatibility. However, the bioinert bioactivity and biotribologicalExpand
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Synthesis, Morphology, and Hydrogen Absorption Properties of TiVMn and TiCrMn Nanoalloys with a FCC Structure
TiVMn and TiCrMn alloys are promising hydrogen storage materials for onboard application due to their high hydrogen absorption content. However, the traditional synthesis method of melting andExpand
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Direct Writing Supercapacitors Using a Carbon Nanotube/Ag Nanoparticle-Based Ink on Cellulose Acetate Membrane Paper
In this work, we present a cellulose acetate membrane flexible supercapacitor prepared through a direct writing method. A carbon nanotube (CNT) and silver (Ag) nanoparticle were prepared into ink forExpand
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Synergistic hydrogen desorption properties of the 4LiAlH4 + Mg2NiH4 composite
Abstract Mg2NiH4 was prepared by hydriding combustion synthesis (HCS) method firstly. Then, the as prepared Mg2NiH4 was mechanically milled with LiAlH4 to form a novel composite of 4LiAlH4 + Mg2NiH4.Expand
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Phase transition and hydrogen storage properties of melt-spun Mg3LaNi0.1 alloy
Abstract Nominal Mg 3 LaNi 0.1 alloy was prepared by a single roller melt-spun method. The phase structure and hydrogen storage properties of the obtained ribbons were studied by X-Ray diffractionExpand
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Enhanced hydriding kinetics of Mg-10 at% Al composite by forming Al12Mg17 during hydriding combustion synthesis
Abstract Mg-based alloys are widely considered as promising materials for hydrogen storage. However, owing to the high chemical activity of Mg, the surface of Mg powder is always covered with a layerExpand
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Na3NH2B12H12 as high performance solid electrolyte for all-solid-state Na-ion batteries
Abstract Solid electrolyte with stable and fast Na+ ionic conductivity is of central importance in the development of all-solid-state sodium batteries. Here we present a novel Na+ conductor based onExpand
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Superior hydrogenation properties in a Mg65Ce10Ni20Cu5 nanoglass processed by melt-spinning followed by high-pressure torsion
Abstract In an attempt to improve the hydrogenation kinetics properties of Mg-based materials, a novel Mg65Ce10Ni20Cu5 nanoglass was fabricated by melt spinning followed by severe plastic deformationExpand
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