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Predicting the synergy of multiple stress effects
Toxicants and other, non-chemical environmental stressors contribute to the global biodiversity crisis. Examples include the loss of bees and the reduction of aquatic biodiversity. AlthoughExpand
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Early stages in the oxidation of ethanol at low index single crystal platinum electrodes
Abstract Conventional electrochemical methods and in situ FTIR spectroscopy have been applied to study the early stages for adsorption oxidation of ethanol at Pt(111), Pt(110), and Pt(100).Expand
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Carbon Film Resistors as Electrodes: Voltammetric Properties and Application in Electroanalysis
The voltammetric properties of electrodes made from carbon film resistors of 2 Ω have been studied and compared with those of commercially available glassy carbon, before and after electrochemicalExpand
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Micro Kelvin probe for local work‐function measurements
This article describes a miniaturized Kelvin probe with a lateral resolution of 40 μm. Applied to a conducting or semiconducting surface, it allows a microscopic imaging of the difference of the workExpand
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Acoustic waves at the solid/liquid interface
The coupling of acoustic waves across interfacial boundaries depends upon the morphology of the surface and the orientation of the waves at the boundary. The dependence of the wave propagation at theExpand
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Two approaches for heat transfer simulation of current carrying multicables
Two approaches for stationary heat transfer simulation in current carrying multicables, i.e. thick cables composed of several smaller ones, are compared. Expand
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A spark counter as a control unit of a radio frequency surgery device
A new approach in radio frequency (rf) electrosurgery, used for tissue treatment, is achieved by using a new process control method. Expand
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Optimal dimensions for electrical conductors in mobile systems
  • H. Liess
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  • 1st International Electric Drives Production…
  • 21 November 2011
These considerations lead to the optimal dimensions for electrical conductors in mobile systems. The work shows the dependence of the entire power consumption of electrical conductors as consequenceExpand
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Critical evaluation of the 'heated-hand-technique' for obtaining 'arterialized' venous blood: incomplete arterialization and alterations in glucagon responses.
In order to test the degree of 'arterialization' and the occurrence of arterio- (or capillary-) venous differences in glucose concentrations for commonly used blood sampling sites (including theExpand
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An Active Optical Sensor for Monitoring Mixed Venous Oxygen‐Saturation for an Implantable Rate‐Regulating Pacing System
Les stimuJateurs dits “physiologiques” qui sont actuellement disponibles ne restaurent pos la fréquence optimale dans les cos de défaillance auriculaire. ?autres paramètres biologiques doivent servirExpand
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