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Validation of MODIS derived aerosol optical depth over the Yangtze River Delta in China
Abstract MODIS derived aerosol optical depths (AODs) at 550 nm are compared with sunphotometer CE318 measurements at 7 sites located at Yangtze River Delta (YRD) in China from July to October, 2007.Expand
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Two‐stage carbon distribution and cofactor generation for improving l‐threonine production of Escherichia coli
L‐Threonine, a kind of essential amino acid, has numerous applications in food, pharmaceutical, and aquaculture industries. Fermentative l‐threonine production from glucose has been achieved inExpand
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Properties of blow-up solutions to a parabolic system with nonlinear localized terms
This paper deals with blow-up properties of the solution to a semi-linear parabolic system with nonlinear localized sources involved in a product with local terms, subject to the null DirichletExpand
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Estimation thermal expansion coefficient from lattice energy for inorganic crystals
By using the study of the lattice energy and the structural parameters of binary inorganic crystals, a new parameter reflecting the thermal expansion property has been found, the relation between theExpand
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Super-hydrophobic surfaces to condensed micro-droplets at temperatures below the freezing point retard ice/frost formation
Retarding and preventing ice/frost formation has an increasing importance because of the significant energy and safety concerns nowadays. In this paper, super-hydrophobic surfaces with ZnO nanorodExpand
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Comparison and Evaluation of Induction Generator Models in Wind Turbine Systems for Transient Stability of Power System
  • H. Li, Z. Chen, L. Han
  • Engineering
  • International Conference on Power System…
  • 1 October 2006
In order to analyze the transient stability of grid-connected squirrel cage induction generators (SCIG) in wind power generating systems, various mathematical models, including the detailed andExpand
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Concentrated-mass cantilever enhances multiple harmonics in tapping-mode atomic force microscopy
The natural frequencies of a cantilever probe can be tuned with an attached concentrated mass to coincide with the higher harmonics generated in a tapping-mode atomic force microscopy by theExpand
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Thermal behaviour and tolerance to ionic liquid [emim]OAc in GH10 xylanase from Thermoascus aurantiacus SL16W
GH10 xylanase from Thermoascus aurantiacus strain SL16W (TasXyn10A) showed high stability and activity up to 70–75 °C. The enzyme’s half-lives were 101 h, 65 h, 63 min and 6 min at 60, 70, 75 and 80Expand
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One-Step Heterogeneous Catalytic Process for the Dehydration of Xylan into Furfural
Xylan, the major component of hemicellulose in hardwoods and various grasses, has great potential for bio-refinery applications such as the production of energy and high value-added chemicals. AExpand
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Preparation of furfural from Eucalyptus by the MIBK/H2O pretreatment with biphasic system and enzymatic hydrolysis of the resulting solid fraction
Abstract Forest wood biomass can be a sustainable and cost-effective feedstock for the biorefinery industries, but the rigid and compact structure of plant cell is a major barrier for production ofExpand
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