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Huntingtin Aggregate-Associated Axonal Degeneration is an Early Pathological Event in Huntington's Disease Mice
It is reported that in mice expressing full-length mutant huntingtin and modeling early stages of HD, neuropil aggregates form preferentially in the LGP and SN, suggesting that huntingtin aggregates are formed in the axons of striatal projection neurons. Expand
Interaction of Huntington Disease Protein with Transcriptional Activator Sp1
It is reported that huntingtin interacts with Sp1, a transcription factor that binds to GC-rich elements in certain promoters and activates transcription of the corresponding genes and thus reducing the expression of Sp1-regulated genes. Expand
Amino-terminal fragments of mutant huntingtin show selective accumulation in striatal neurons and synaptic toxicity
It is reported that, in mutant mice expressing HD repeats, the production and aggregation of N-terminal huntingtin fragments preferentially occur in HD-affected neurons and their processes and axonal terminals. Expand
Targeted disruption of the murine VCAM1 gene: essential role of VCAM-1 in chorioallantoic fusion and placentation.
A novel role for VCAM-1 in the formation of the umbilical cord and placenta during development is reported and a role in early placental formation after chorioallantoic fusion was observed. Expand
Stress Impairs 5-HT2A Receptor-Mediated Serotonergic Facilitation of GABA Release in Juvenile Rat Basolateral Amygdala
In stressed rats, the 5-HT2A receptor-mediated facilitative actions were severely impaired, which might result in an amygdala circuitry with hyperexcitability, and a lower threshold of activation, and thus be an important mechanism underlying the emergence of stress-associated psychiatric symptoms. Expand
Kainate receptor-mediated heterosynaptic facilitation in the amygdala
Kainate receptor-mediated synaptic facilitation generalizes to include inactive afferent synapses on the target neurons, and therefore contrasts with other types of activity-dependent enduring synapticfacilitation that are input-pathway specific. Expand
Fast Mode Decision Algorithm for Inter-Frame Coding in Fully Scalable Video Coding
  • H. Li, Z. Li, C. Wen
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems for…
  • 1 July 2006
Experimental results show that the fast mode decision scheme reduces the computational complexity significantly with negligible coding loss and bit-rate increases. Expand
Stress Impairs α1A Adrenoceptor-Mediated Noradrenergic Facilitation of GABAergic Transmission in the Basolateral Amygdala
In the BLA, NE acting via presynaptic α1A adrenoceptors facilitates GABAergic inhibition, and this effect is severely impaired by stress, the first direct evidence of stress-induced impairment in the modulation of GABAergic synaptic transmission. Expand
Robust Video Content Alignment and Compensation for Rain Removal in a CNN Framework
A novel derain algorithm is proposed, which applies superpixel (SP) segmentation to decompose the scene into depth consistent units and shows that much cleaner rain removal is achieved especially for highly dynamic scenes with heavy and opaque rainfall from a fast moving camera. Expand
N-Terminal Mutant Huntingtin Associates with Mitochondria and Impairs Mitochondrial Trafficking
It is demonstrated that specific N-terminal mutant htt fragments associate with mitochondria in Hdh(CAG)150 knock-in mouse brain and that this association increases with age, suggesting that this interaction may be a novel target for therapeutic strategies in HD. Expand