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A Versatile Nanotrap for Biochemical and Functional Studies with Fluorescent Fusion Proteins*S
Green fluorescent proteins (GFPs) and variants thereof are widely used to study protein localization and dynamics. We engineered a specific binder for fluorescent proteins based on a 13-kDa GFPExpand
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Dynamics of DNA Replication Factories in Living Cells
DNA replication occurs in microscopically visible complexes at discrete sites (replication foci) in the nucleus. These foci consist of DNA associated with replication machineries, i.e., large proteinExpand
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Dynamic Readers for 5-(Hydroxy)Methylcytosine and Its Oxidized Derivatives
Tet proteins oxidize 5-methylcytosine (mC) to generate 5-hydroxymethyl (hmC), 5-formyl (fC), and 5-carboxylcytosine (caC). The exact function of these oxidative cytosine bases remains elusive. WeExpand
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Cortical Constriction During Abscission Involves Helices of ESCRT-III–Dependent Filaments
The process by which animal cells are physically separated after cell division is dissected in molecular detail. After partitioning of cytoplasmic contents by cleavage furrow ingression, animal cellsExpand
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LBR and Lamin A/C Sequentially Tether Peripheral Heterochromatin and Inversely Regulate Differentiation
Eukaryotic cells have a layer of heterochromatin at the nuclear periphery. To investigate mechanisms regulating chromatin distribution, we analyzed heterochromatin organization in different tissuesExpand
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Subdiffraction Multicolor Imaging of the Nuclear Periphery with 3D Structured Illumination Microscopy
Fluorescence light microscopy allows multicolor visualization of cellular components with high specificity, but its utility has until recently been constrained by the intrinsic limit of spatialExpand
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Comparative Analysis of Single-Cell RNA Sequencing Methods.
Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) offers new possibilities to address biological and medical questions. However, systematic comparisons of the performance of diverse scRNA-seq protocols areExpand
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Modulation of protein properties in living cells using nanobodies
Protein conformation is critically linked to function and often controlled by interactions with regulatory factors. Here we report the selection of camelid-derived single-domain antibodiesExpand
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A targeting sequence directs DNA methyltransferase to sites of DNA replication in mammalian nuclei
Tissue-specific patterns of methylated deoxycytidine residues in the mammalian genome are preserved by postreplicative methylation of newly synthesized DNA. DNA methyltransferase (MTase) is hereExpand
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A guide to super-resolution fluorescence microscopy
For centuries, cell biology has been based on light microscopy and at the same time been limited by its optical resolution. However, several new technologies have been developed recently that bypassExpand
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