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Time-Varying Individual Risk Attitudes Over the Great Recession: A Comparison of Germany and Ukraine
We use the panel data of the German Socio-Economic Panel (SOEP) and of the Ukrainian Longitudinal Monitoring Survey (ULMS) to investigate whether risk attitudes have primary (exogenous) determinantsExpand
Grime and Punishment: Job Insecurity and Wage Arrears in the Russian Federation
The initial years of transition in the Russian Federation have been characterised by relatively smaller falls in employment than in other reform-orientated countries of eastern Europe, despite theExpand
Informal Employment in Transition Countries: Empirical Evidence and Research Challenges
Even though informal employment is widespread in transition economies, the literature on this phenomenon in the region is rather scarce. For policy makers it is important to know the incidence andExpand
How Important are Labor Market Institutions for Labor Market Performance in Transition Countries?
This paper offers a first comprehensive study of the relationship between labor market institutions and policies and labor market performance in the countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia,Expand
Gross Job Flows in Ukraine: Size, Ownership and Trade Effects
This paper documents and analyses gross job flows and their determinants in Ukraine using a unique data set of more than 2200 Ukrainian firms operating in both the manufacturing and theExpand
Job Creation and Job Destruction in a Transition Economy: Ownership, Firm Size, and Gross Job Flows in Polish Manufacturing 1988-91
Comprehensive firm-level data for Polish manufacturing show that in state-owned firms the large drop in net employment since the start of the transition in 1990 has been driven by a jump in the jobExpand
Gradual restructuring and structural unemployment in Poland. A legacy of central planning
In the transition to a market economy we examine the relationship between inherited human capital structures and the evolution of unemployment within a two-sector model of endogenous restructuring.Expand
The Impact of Chernobyl on Health and Labour Market Performance in the Ukraine
Using longitudinal data from the Ukraine we examine the extent of any long-lasting effects of radiation exposure from the Chernobyl disaster on the health and labour market performance of the adultExpand
Informal Employment Relationships and Labor Market Segmentation in Transition Economies: Evidence from Ukraine
Research on informal employment in transition countries has been very limited because of a lack of appropriate data. A new rich panel data set from Ukraine, the Ukrainian Longitudinal MonitoringExpand