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Digital Watermarking Robust Against JPEG Compression
We propose a new method that actively uses the JPEG quality level as a parameter in embedding a watermark into an image. Expand
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Mutation Analysis and Regulation of PpsR
In the presence of oxygen, Rhodobacter sphaeroides derives energy from aerobic respiration. When oxygen tension decreases below certain threshold levels, it develops in-tracytoplasmic membraneExpand
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Video watermarking system using selection and overlapping of region by features of consecutive frames
  • H. Lee, Jinwoo Hong
  • Computer Science, Engineering
  • IS&T/SPIE Electronic Imaging
  • 13 June 2003
We propose one of video watermarking in which motion between three continuous frames is utilized in order to provide the imperceptibility, robustness and acceptable complexity. Expand
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Design of protection and distribution service model for digital broadcasting content
We designed a protection and distribution service model for broadcast content in which the license is issued to the viewer who recorded it on his storage media. Expand
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Online Digital Content Distribution Model and System Design for Interindividual Content Transferability
The usage of DRM-applied digital contents reduces user's convenience, thus it leads the many users to avoid using DRM-applied digital contents. In this paper, therefore, we propose the newExpand
A Comparison of Related Variables According to Children`s Stress Types Using the Data Mining Method
This study compared a number of related variables according to children's stress types using the data mining method. The sample population was taken from the Korean Youth Panel Survey (KYPS) dataExpand
Etude immunologique du paludisme à l'aide d'anticorps monoclonaux: à propos d'un cas d'accès pernicieux à Plasmodium falciparum
La souche de ce malade a pu etre cultivee. Des resultats obtenus en immunofluorescence indirecte sur les parasites du sang circulant et sur les memes parasites en culture ont mis en evidence laExpand
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Bacterial Biomass and Secondary Productivity in Naktong River Estuary
To investigate the bacterial potentials for utilizing dissolved organic matter in highly eutrophic estuary, the annual fluctuations of microbiological and physicochemical environmental parametersExpand