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Economic reforms and bank efficiency in developing countries: the case of the Indian banking industry
Using the Indian banking industry as a case study, this paper proposes and tests hypotheses regarding the possibility of a relationship between three elements of the Economic Reforms (ERs) – namely,Expand
Financial liberalization and bank efficiency: a comparative analysis of India and Pakistan
This paper provides a comparative analysis of the evolution of the technical efficiency of commercial banks in India and Pakistan during 1988–1998, a period characterized by far-reaching changes inExpand
Financial repression and liability of foreignness in developing countries
Using non-parametric Data Envelopment Analysis, this paper suggests that the era of financial repression in developing countries, by providing policy-induced competitive advantages to domestic banks,Expand
Corporate Diversification, Information Asymmetry and Insider Trading
The literature suggests that corporate diversification destroys firm value. This value destruction is usually considered to be a consequence of managers' pursuing diversification strategies toExpand
Opening the Gates for Children with Disabilities An Introduction to Inclusive Education in Vietnam
  • H. Le
  • Political Science
  • 2013
In order to stop the vicious cycle of marginalization, the society must intervene as early as possible through an effective inclusive education system. Inclusive education allows children with andExpand
Employee Productivity, Employment Growth, and the Cross-Border Acquisitions by Emerging Market Firms
We examine the impact of the cross‐border acquisitions made by firms from emerging markets on employee productivity and employment growth. The literature suggests that cross‐border acquisitionsExpand
Private encroachment through crisis-making: the privatization of education for refugees
  • H. Le
  • Political Science
  • 14 October 2019
How has education for refugees been shaped by broader dynamics of educational privatization? This paper argues that the invoking of the ‘refugee crisis’ narrative has been a crucial force inExpand
Large Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the Allocation of Cash Proceeds from Corporate Asset Sell-Offs
Recent finance literature suggests that managers of divesting firms may retain cash proceeds from corporate asset sell-offs in order to pursue their own objectives, and, therefore, shareholders'Expand
Spatializing a global education phenomenon: private tutoring and mobility theory in Cambodia
ABSTRACT Along with the dramatic expansion of private tutoring around the world, a significant body of literature has been produced to understand this phenomenon. While many studies consider theExpand